Smash Cut To: S2 E1 - Keeping On Track



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Smash Cut To:
Hello! I’m Hari, and this is Smash Cut To, my weekly newsletter about my adventures in trying to become a comedy writer-director.
Long time, no speak. How have you all been?
In my last newsletter, I wrote that I’d be back on June 13th… and today is definitely not that. I found that I was enjoying the extra time I got to work on my script, which is hopefully a reasonable excuse.
But I like writing this too, so I just had to figure out a way to make it more sustainable. So for season two, I’m making some tweaks that should help that – so like with a clunky pilot episode, excuse the heavy exposition.
If you have any feedback on the changes, I’d love to hear it. (And if this is no longer useful and you want to unsubscribe, no hard feelings! 😅)
(p.s. thanks again for the nudge, Gem!)

✍🏾 This Week's Blog
I’m still going to write a weekly blog, but: a. I’ll limit it to 300-400 words; b. I’ll focus on things I’ve learned and keep all the personal updates for the newsletter; c. I won’t include the whole text here. (The last one is definitely the one I’m least sure about, so let me know if you preferred the old way…)
Keeping On Track
🤓 Interesting Things
Podcast: ARRAY – How I Built This, featuring Ava DuVernay
Book: The Process of Screenwriting
Social Network: Scribe Lounge
And that’s it for another week! 🥳 A final thought:
Paul Bae
Small pitching suggestion: if you’re asked what kinds of things you like to write don’t just say the genres. Instead focus on themes, connect this themes to your life & then say how those themes work in your chosen genre (if you have one). I’ve found these to be powerful moments.
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Hari Kanth
Hari Kanth @harihkanth

Adventures in trying to become a comedy writer-director.

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