Smash Cut To:

By Hari Kanth

Adventures in trying to become a comedy writer-director.

Adventures in trying to become a comedy writer-director.

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Smash Cut To: S2 E7 - The Art of Pop-Culture References

The Chair (Netflix). A fun limited series about the newly-appointed chair of the waning English department at an American university. I thought it was great, and I especially liked how it intertwined Korean culture into each episode. (Plus: I loved the guest …


Smash Cut To: S2 E6 - What Were They Thinking?

When you're writing a scene, your options depend on how much the audience already knows about what your characters are thinking.


Smash Cut To: S2 E5 - Character-Driven Storylines

We raced through the second season of Never Have I Ever, which was just as awesome as the first one. (Plus: it's always a treat to hear characters occasionally speaking Tamil on a US TV show!)And we're still enjoying Ted Lasso, which made me lol:


Smash Cut To: S2 E4 - The Things We Can't Control

I’m a big fan of the concept of systems vs goals.


Smash Cut To: S2 E3 - Reading Scripts

This week, I attended Lucy V. Hay's amazing Submissions Secrets course, about something I haven't really thought about: the best way to send our scripts out to production companies and agents.


Smash Cut To: S2 E2 - The Wavy Path

In other news, the submission window for this year's 4Screenwriting course has been announced: Sept 14th to Oct 1st!Are you planning on submitting anything this year?


Smash Cut To: S2 E1 - Keeping On Track

I'm still going to write a weekly blog, but: a. I'll limit it to 300-400 words; b. I'll focus on things I've learned and keep all the personal updates for the newsletter; c. I won't include the whole text here. (The last one is definitely the one I'm least su…