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Hannah's Monthly Newsletter - April 2018


What I've Been Up To Last Month

April 25 · Issue #3 · View online

A sneak peek into my exciting month

Hi, there! My name is Hannah, and I am a high school student who is in love with biology, especially genomics and gene editing. Every month, I send a newsletter to update you on what I’ve been working on. Check it out and feel free to reach out to me if you like!

The Davidson Lab - Phage Biology & Anti-CRISPR
The Davidson Lab @ MaRS Discovery Center
The Davidson Lab @ MaRS Discovery Center
Last month, I met with Professor Alan Davidson, whose lab is discovering and characterizing Anti-CRISPR, and now I am a student researcher at his lab! I am very excited about this new finding as anti-CRISPR has the potential to prevent off-target effects of the CRISPR system, moving us one step closer towards CRISPR therapeutic applications! 
Thank you Professor Davidson and Kristina Sztanko for teaching me about Anti-CRISPR and phage biology!
Tour around Deep Genomics, Vector Institute & JLABS
Troy, Hannah, and Induja @ Deep Genomics
Troy, Hannah, and Induja @ Deep Genomics
I was thrilled to visit Deep Genomics last week and saw how they’re revolutionizing medicine. Stood out to me the most was Project Saturn, where Deep Genomics use their platform to evaluate over 69 billion oligonucleotide molecules against 1 million targets, in silico. I also visited the Vectors Institute at MaRS Discovery Center and Deep Genomics lab space to learn more about oligonucleotides therapeutics. 
Shout out to Troy, Alice, and everyone at Deep Genomics for being so kind and welcoming! 
TKS Showcase @ MaRS Discovery Center
TKS Students
TKS Students
After months of hard work at The Knowledge Society, I gave a talk on Curing Diseases and Studying the Human Genome with CRISPR-Cas9 at the TKS Showcase. I also explained how I and other students at the Westwood Lab were able to double the lifespan of fruit flies. Stay tuned for my video!
Thank you Navid and Nadeem for your continual guidance and feedback to help me deliver the best presentation possible! 
CRISPR Meet Stem Cells: Curing Sickle Cell Disease
I recently published an article on how CRISPR and stem cells have high potential to offer us a cure to sickle cell diseases - a blood disorder that has baffled both scientists and patients around the world for the last 50 years. 
Check out my article to learn more!
CRISPR Meets Stem Cells: Curing Sickle Cell Diseases
The Mitchell Lab - CRISPR & Stem Cells
I also recently joined the Mitchell Lab after attending her talk on Using CRISPR on Embryonic Stem Cells. 
Thank you Professor Mitchell and Dr. Neil Macpherson for having me in the lab, and I can’t wait to keep learning and getting blown away by stem cells and CRISPR soon!
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