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LAUNCH DAY: Inside the Chaotic Mind of Halo Scot - Issue #7

Halo Scot
Halo Scot
It’s launch day, breachlings.

Book Birth
Happy book birth to my latest word monster, I Will Kill You. May it spawn many nightmares.
Bite-Sized Blurb
Corporate America: a psychopath’s wet dream. It’s Alex Osman’s playground. After losing his wife, he drowns in crime to support his motherless kids. A new job offers freedom, but freedom demands sacrifice. Crime doesn’t commit itself.
Early Reviews
“Scot is back with another thrilling and addictive read in I Will Kill You…expect horrific and brilliant things…a wild ride.”
― Carl Fisher, GBHBL
I Will Kill You stands out. Read it with the important disclaimer that you may not be the same person upon finishing this book as you were before you dove in.”
― Kashif Hussain, Best Thriller Books
“I recommend this book to those who appreciate gratuitous gore in their fiction and want to read a disturbing story about a serial killer that has multiple surprising twists.”
― Helen Power, Power Librarian
To celebrate I Will Kill You’s launch, I have a massive sale going on. Taste my brain for cheap here!
New Interviews
Arti from Human Chapters was kind enough to interview me about my writing, mental health, Queer Indie, and my journey as the parent of an amazing, autistic child. Check it out here.
DJ from Words & Pictures was also lovely and interviewed me about writing and visualization for an episode airing Oct. 17, 2022. Check it out here in a couple months.
Recent Reads
For some reason, the chaos gods have rained their disruptive confetti down on me this month, so I have no new reads to report. (Curse the chaos!) However, there are always fantastic reads available in the directory at
Podcasts/Channels to Stalk
Aggressive Love
In the wild words of I Will Kill You’s Alex Osman, “The older I get, the fewer fucks I give. Hoard those fucks. Don’t let anyone take them away. You can do it. Chokeslam distrust. Punch doubt in the teeth. Hit insecurity in the throat. Elbow uncertainty in the gut. Slaughter negative voices. Bodycheck impostor syndrome. Roundhouse-kick reservation. Slap hesitation in the face with a wet fish wrapped in an oily turd. Burn self-hatred in a bonfire, and toast marshmallows in the dying embers of its oozing carcass. Conquer each workday. Autopsy your soul. Bare your truth, and smash a motherfucking gong.”
So let’s go buy some motherfucking gongs and celebrate this crazy joyride through the cosmos together.
Lots of love & chaos,
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Halo Scot
Halo Scot @halo_scot

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