Inside the Chaotic Mind of Halo Scot - Issue #3



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Halo Scot
Halo Scot
Let’s play a game.

Long Time No Anarchy
Greetings, sexy subscribers of chaos. It is somehow the end of April, and time insists on passing, regardless of my void-screaming attempts. Though this disheartens me, we must not give up hope! Anakin Skywalker did not become Darth Vader overnight, so we must endure and revise our abyss worship with extra phlegm, a slight vibrato, and twerking, if so inclined.
New Interview
I had an absolute blast on What The Book. Thanks millions to Dzintra Sullivan, Kia Carrington-Russell, and MB Davis for indulging my mayhem on their wonderful podcast. We discussed writing, sci-fi, darkness, blood, and boobies—yes, boobies. Check out our antics on Spotify or Podbean.
Website Makeover
I pampered my website and glammed her up a bit—more chaos, less behavior, plus a longer bio with extra trouble.
Halo Scot is a nightmare-dwelling beast who subsists on a steady diet of shadows and coffee. Prone to chaos, Halo aims to achieve galactic domination through a void-screaming expertise, dormant telekinesis, and aggressive cackling. Halo pretends to be cool, dark, and mysterious, when in reality, Scot is a rather clumsy and awkward creature with a severe distrust of ladybugs.
To summon this obscure and skittish writer, one must align the following items in a circle as an offering: three shots of whiskey, two bowls of jelly beans, something shiny or lit on fire, and a printed photo of Nicolas Cage as a duck.
Brain Babies
A reminder that you can ingest The Heartbeat of a Million Dreams for FREE. If you didn’t receive a copy when you subscribed to my newsletter, first curse the old gods in backward Latin, then DM me on Twitter, and I’ll send you one. No pressure at all, though, as I know we are still not vampires and thus unfortunately have to sleep to recharge these fleshbots.
If you want a dark, bile-inducing series to stomp on your soul and punch out your mind, the Rift Cycle is ready to welcome innocent readers into its blood-soaked embrace. Please read at your own risk, and review the content warning, because it is VERY dark with tons of murder, sex, drugs, swears, and all the naughty things. THIS IS YOUR WARNING THAT MY MIND IS A HORRIFIC PLACE, EVEN WORSE THAN TELETUBBIES!
I’m also letting some thoughts for upcoming word demons percolate in my grisly cerebrum, so there might be an announcement soon for something…OR NOT! MUAHAHAHAHA!
Queer Indie Update
Congratulations to Queer Indie’s 2022 Award Winners! What a brilliant group of authors, and a beautiful group of people. Please check out their stunning books, and send some violent praise their way! If you’re hardcore, STALK THEM AND SCREAM COMPLIMENTS AT THEM IN PUBLIC!
Recent Reads
Here are some recent reads that blew my mind and devoured my heart:
Podcasts/Channels to Stalk
Aggressive Love
We write, because we must, because idea beasts claw at our skulls till we vomit them onto chunks of dead trees. However, writing is often solitary and lonely, full of doubt and uncertainty and crippling insecurity. We sabotage our own creativity with cages of fear and panic. Well, THAT JUST WON’T DO. Allow me, Halo Scot, Sword of Chaos and future Ruler of the Galaxy, to tell you that SOMEONE NEEDS YOUR STORIES. SOMEONE SEES YOUR SOUL. SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, LONGS FOR THE WORDS ONLY YOU CAN SAY IN THE WAY ONLY YOU CAN SAY THEM. SO WRITE THOSE BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL WORD WORLDS! LAUNCH THOSE SOUL STORIES TO THE STARS! AND IF YOU CAN DO THIS WHILE SINGING QUEEN’S “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS” ON A PARK BENCH, DRESSED IN A LLAMA COSTUME AND ACCOMPANIED BY KAZOOS, YOU GET EXTRA EXISTENTIAL POINTS!
Lots of love & chaos,
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Halo Scot
Halo Scot @halo_scot

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