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Inside the Chaotic Mind of Halo Scot - Issue #1

Halo Scot
Halo Scot
Welcome to the breach.

New Look, Same Weird Me
Hello again, fellow tortured souls of the eternal abyss. I hope your screams into the void have received answers. It’s been too long since we’ve caused chaos together, and that is entirely my fault. Until I learn to properly harness time in my futile pursuit of galactic domination, I will unfortunately keep forgetting what month it is and pretend this forgetting is an effort to maintain my dark and mysterious reputation, when in reality I am brooding on the couch, eating jelly beans, and yelling “DIE!” at the rodents in the forest.
New Interview
Speaking of jelly beans and death, Steve Talks Books was kind enough to interview me. As usual, I was highly professional and only mentioned murder a few dozen times. If you’d like to check out our antics, please watch and subscribe below. And if you’re feeling really awesome, please like and comment to feed YouTube’s bloodthirsty algorithm.
Author Interview: Halo Scot (THE RIFT CYCLE)
Author Interview: Halo Scot (THE RIFT CYCLE)
My Book Monsters
Speaking of bloodthirst, Edge of the Breach is still only $1, because I’m a cheap date, so you can test my literary sadism before committing to a prolonged stay within the depths of my mangled mind.
We all become monsters at the edge of the breach. In a post-apocalyptic world where season of birth determines power, interrealm war beckons two lost and fated souls.
Queer Indie Update
In other news, it’s AWARDS SEASON, and Queer Indie is hosting our second annual awards! Please vote below for your favorite queer/ally authors from our directory! It’s free and painless!
Vote for the Qi Awards | Queer Indie | Cross-genre Queer/Ally Books
Recent Reads
I’ve read some stellar books recently, including the following by these phenomenal authors:
Podcasts/Channels to Stalk
I’m a Tease
Something might be coming soon to you beautiful people who have followed me into the abyss with only a beer keg and a jelly bean bucket. Thank you millions for your epic support. A thousand sacrificial goats for each of you.
Aggressive Love
Life is sometimes a crusty turd, but through this fecal-strewn existence, know that I value and appreciate you all. I hope this year is gentle to you. I hope people treat you well. I hope you drown in joy and love. If not, I hope Nicolas Cage and Vin Diesel join forces to do battle in your honor, because you deserve the best.
Lots of love & chaos,
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Halo Scot
Halo Scot @halo_scot

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