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Halifax - Issue #46

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The personalized insider newsletter for all things startup in Halifax.
“The difference between a dreamer and a visionary is that a dreamer has his eyes closed and a visionary has his eyes open.” “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward."Martin Luther King Jr.
Two essential traits for success as an entrepreneur;10) be a visionary and 2) never forget your goal and keep moving forward! You have to remeber why you started on your path and always ensur that you are doing whatever is necessary to keep going. When you hit roadblocks, get help or learn new skills that allow you to carry on.
Startup Digest provides information on funding and support options, events to teach you new skills and opportunities to network. Take advantage of what is available and grow your business!

Weekly Remarks:

To help you move forward, get help for your business and to learn new skills:
The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) is the best single source for any business from a startup to a large, growing company to get support and assistance in our region. ACOA provides a wide variety of programs and information. The ACOA site should be your first stop, Check it out:
The Federal programs related to Covid-19 “help” are constantly changing. To see the most up to date information on the programs to assist your business, go to
For assistance entering the export market, check out the EDC Covid-19 web info:
For local business connections and a wide variety of great business-related events check out The Halifax Chamber of Commerce ( The Chamber presents an opportunity to network, build contacts and share information with hundreds of local companies. There are also great benefits from membership including a group insurance plan which could be of great value to any startup! Check out their website to find all the benefits that are available and then check out their events section: Also, check out their main site for access to some great “Support Series” and recorded webinars where you can find a variety of information on programs that can help you and your business!
Another great source, if you wish to learn more about help available from the government and/or access some great “how-to” information on building and growing a business is This site covers a wide variety of programs and provides a wealth of information.
For startups and businesses looking for more information on funding as well as to see great webinars and podcasts covering startup-related issues and for general information to help your business grow go to
There are many programs to assist young entrepreneurs. Here is one that we are offering for seniors and for Not For Profits. Powered by, this free program initiated by Aging2 Halifax will match qualified senior-led businesses of any type or size and any NFPs with seasoned Virtual Advisers to help their organization manage and recover from COVID-19. Virtual Advisers are very experienced professionals from across Canada representing a full range of disciplines, sectors business environments, willing to share their advice and lessons learned. This program is sponsored by the Department of Seniors and is available at NO COST. To learn more and take advantage of this program, visit Boomers Plus VAP. The program is closing soon and offers truly expert advisors at no cost. Sign up now!
Other Upcoming Events:
April 13th-Media Relations for Startups-Publicity and support from the media are key to success. Learn with a true expert how to make press releases that will get you in the news! Details:
April 14th-11-12:30-Perfect your pitch by Telling A better Story: Hear from an expert in startups and pitching on how best to tell your story. Details:

  • April 15th-LearnSphere Canada presents Grant and Proposal Writing: Join us for this online workshop and learn how to write a grant-winning proposal. You will learn how to capture the reviewer’s attention, demonstrate an understanding of the need and persuasively present a solution. Taking place April 15th. Register HERE.
  • April 15th-ICD: Maritime Chapter presents Why Every Company and Organization Needs an Advisory Committee or Board of Directors: A virtual event featuring a panel of speakers representing family-owned or privately held organizations that have adopted advisory committees or boards of directors. These CEOs will share their experiences and provide insights that can benefit any and all types of organizations. Taking place April 15th. Register HERE.

April 15th-9-10-Accessing International Talent and Immigration Resources. Learn from experts in the area the programs and assistance that can find you the talent you need. Details:
April 15th-6-6 PM-AI and Clinical Prediction & Treatment. Dr. Engbers will discuss this key area of evolving Health Care. Details:
April 21st-11-12:30-How to go from an average pitch to a truly memorable one. Permjot Valia who has worked in the startup and pitching world for many years and has learned a variety of key techniques and tools will share them with you and help you succeed! Details:
April 22nd-5-6 PM-Applying Data Science in Health Care. The world has changed. Data Analytics are impacting all aspects of life and few areas are more impacted than health care. Hear from Dr. Mamdami about exciting initiatives in this area. Details:
April 26th-12:30-2 PM-SEO Brunch. Learn about Search Engine Optimization, share insights, and network at this regular lunchtime meeting. Details:
April27th-4-5:30-WTWT-Building a Content Calendar-This workshop is designed for business owners who are struggling to come up with regular, intriguing new content that relates back to their business and creates new and loyal fans to increase revenue. In this 1.5 hour workshop, we will discuss content, along with how to find it and create/fill out your content calendar so you can tackle your social media presence with a plan. Details:
April 30th- 12-1PM-Hiring Strategies- Learn how to hire, who to hire and the procedure you should follow. Nothing is more important then hiring and keeping the right people. This session can save you time and ensure success in the process. Details:
April 30 to May2-Startup Weekend Nova Scotia-Calling all innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, and anyone eager to help make Nova Scotia an even better place to live, work, and play. Join us for an online @Techstars @StartupWeekend from April 30th - May 2nd. Register now at #SWNS
Take advantage of the events that fit your needs and get support from the many organizations highlighted in the journal. Learn, network and helpothers.
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