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What happened in 9ja tech twitter this week

In partnership with Fincra
In partnership with Fincra
GBAS GBOS in the 9Ja tech Ecosystem
1 While Techbhoes are busy spending, one of them is busy receiving ChiziAruhoma’s newest addition. Wahala for who no get partner ooo.
2. Founders, get in here, we would love to hear your opinion. 
You know how nerve cracking it is to get an investor let alone one that is willing to cut you a cheque. Well, you finally got a reply to your pitch deck and you couldn’t be more WAGMI but Mr. Money Bag comes with a little bonus - he will be breathing down your neck.. 
Remember, you have got this great product and the cheque is just what you need to ship, what are you going to do?
Source: If a potential investor seems like they will be breathing down your neck because they gave you $25K+, you should not let them invest.
Feel free to reply this email with your thoughts about this.
  • Jason Njoku, CEO Iroko has this to say: When did it become okay to turn up your nose on $25k when the likelihood is that you probably don’t have that money yourself. I blame crypto wagmism. Everyone is a billionaire in waiting now. 😒. Chill. Let’s see some liquidity before the noise making 💪🏾. Talking anyhow 😒
  •  Ope Adeoye : OnePipe’s “$25k investors” have been waaaaaaay more helpful than one would have imagined.
  • Oo Nwoye Of course, “breathing down your neck” is subjective. Could be anything from an investor asking for monthly updates, to one disruptively interfering with daily operations of ya startup
How long does it take to assume a senior engineer role? because like these, it’s like only 4 people are yet to be senior engineers.
Bernard is too - I hope I’m not overthinking this, but how does someone who started coding in August 2020 claim to be a senior engineer in January 2022?
Official News in the Tech ecosystem
  1. Y Combinator will now invest a total of $500,000 when a company is accepted into the program. This is called the standard deal in a blog post Check out Moe’s tweet that explains some legal terms in this new update. And yes, Oo also dropped a blog post on this new update too, read it here.. Yeah feel free to drop a comment after reading the article under his tweet too and tag me… Let’s go and disturb his comment section.
  2. Bfree secured $1.7M in a pre-Series A round.with participation from Olumide Soyombo’s Voltron Capital amongst other angel investors. Bfree, per its website says it is building an ethical.
  3. ThankUCash secured $5.3M funding. The raise will be channeled towards building infrastructure for cash back, deals and BNPL services.
  4. Ajim Capital launches its $10 Million fund focused on African tech startups.
₦Millions in Tech Scholarship X Giveaways :
These are the winners of the last AltSchool Giveaway sponsored by @marsInternet, @atsudavoh, @odirionyeo, @St_Akomolafe, @Samson_Goddy and @uchiuchibeke.
I’ll make a tweet on how winners can redeem the AltSchool application fee later…
winners of Altschool Africa application fee
winners of Altschool Africa application fee
Getting a Diploma in Software engineering for $0
AltSchool Africa is a University that’s giving out Diploma certificates after a 1 year course. Steps to get this:
  1. Go to Altschool Africa website and apply
  2. There’s a $20 or 10,000 Naira application fee.
  3. Once you pay, you’ll get a home study kit to prepare you for your entrance exam. It’s really beginner friendly.
  4. Next thing is to pass and enter.
  5. You learn for 9 months and do a 3 months internship. Total of 1 year.
  6. You only pay your school fees of $500 after you graduate and get a paying Job. You don’t have to pay at once also, you can pay the $500 small small.
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#DevCareerXProgate 90DaysOfCode
DevCareer has partnered with Progate to provide support for up to 5000 people starting their tech journey in Africa. They’ll be several #90DaysOfCode challenges in the DevCareer community this year where you’ll be with a community, actively learning the same thing you’re learning in your level. You’ll also get the chance to ask guest speakers questions once in a while…. Another great thing is that, Progate has a mobile app, so you can download the Progate app on your phone….
To join, kindly follow these instructions:
  1. Visit progate.com and check out the courses they offer.
  2. Select the course you wish to learn and tweet about it using the hashtag #DevCareerXProgate while tagging @dev_careers and @progateEN on twitter.
  3. This is available to DevCareer community members only, Join the DevCareer community via filling this form
  4. The DevCareer Slack community is open to everyone in tech, irrespective of your gender and tech field (PM, UI & UX, Coding, etc)
NTBTS campus ambassadorship
To everyone who applied for the ambassadorship through this link, Thanks a lot for showing interest.. I sent a an initial mail explaining the process to the ambassadorship and later sent a follow up email, I got alot of responses from people that they did not get the initial email. I’ll be sending a new email soon. If you got the previous email and you were able to run your referrals, I’d reach out to you, if you missed the previous email, don’t worry, I’ll send a new email this week.. If you’re getting the email even after you’ve gotten and participated in the first one, you can just ignore it. Your first application and referrals are valid…
Interview with Omolara Adejuwon a Senior Android Engineer how she got her first Job.
Starting out in tech is hard, but you’re not alone in this. This week, I interviewed one of the amazing top android engineers we have in Nigeria; Omolara Adejuwon.
Name: Omolara Adejuwon.
Country: Nigeria.
Tech field: Android Development, Engineering Leadership/Management.
Current position: Senior Android Engineer.
Company: Neo Financial, Canada.
How I got started in tech
Lol. I never know how to answer this question because it’s usually in more than one part. Okay. Let me try.
My love for mathematics and my love for my family’s newly bought desktop computer set at that time made it an easy decision to study Computer Science & Engineering for my bachelor’s degree. I had a long break before I resumed 100L at Obafemi Awolowo University, I decided to enroll in an apprenticeship program where I learnt how to repair computers and other similar gadgets. This is to say I had an interest in ‘tech’ even before I knew that the interest had a name.
Fast forward to 200L, I realized there was more to computing than just repairing computers. I had piqued my excitement about Computing. After a couple of interesting events, I found myself learning how to code in Java and building some random J2ME apps, and now, I am here.
How I got my first tech role:
My first ever official role was a 6-month internship which was one of the compulsory courses in my 400L. I had reached out to a senior colleague and he got me an interview with Mtech Communications. During my interview with the company, it turned out I had a skill that the engineering team needed at that time. I resumed almost immediately and I eventually interned at the company for 10 months before I went back to school for my final year.
Upcoming Tech Events you should check out
On January 22, 2022, be a part of the largest gathering of innovators, startup founders, thinkers, programmers, policymakers, and investors in West Africa. 
Techpoint Build 2021
Date: 22 January, 2022 
Time: 8AM 
Venue:Landmark Event Centre, Lagos.
Register for FREE.
Do you need a guide to executing your Startup Idea?
Hit the link to download a free resource from Adewale Shobande
Special shout out to Tunde Onakoya on his work with Chess in Slum, it is indeed "possible to do great things from a small place"
In partnership with Fincra
In partnership with Fincra
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