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GBAS GBOS in the 9Ja tech Ecosystem
  1. If you’re from Nigeria, I’m sure you know what Paraga means, I just hope you don’t think of that when you call the new CEO of Twitter… We’ve been seeing a lot of jokes around that, your account can just go for vanishing..
Not a lot of Gas Gbos happened this past weeks, everyone don dey maintain…But we’re watching.
Official News in the Tech ecosystem
  1. Octamile, a technology company building digitized solutions for insurance and non-insurance businesses, raised $500,000 in pre-seed funding.
  2. Payourse, a startup building infrastructure targeted at crypto-business, raised $600,000 in pre-seed. Bashir Aminu, said they had reached out to investors and gotten a NO, rejected twice by YC and failed forward in the early days. The pre-seed was over subscribed by $2m in 2weeks and the team had to decline some investors after they met their target.
  3. Flex Finance, a two year old management startup closed a six-figure pre-seed round. The fund will support growth and  launch of new products
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₦Millions in Tech Scholarship X Giveaways :
  1. So I had a chat with my good friends at Infinite Red Academy and I have some course goodies. First, here’s a great 5 Days Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course. If you finish this course, just reply this email with your certificate and I’ll pick 10 people to give an advance one.
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Getting a Diploma in Software engineering
AltSchool Africa is a University that’s giving out Diploma certificates after a 1 year course. Steps to get this:
  1. Go to Altschool Africa website and apply
  2. There’s a 12,000 Naira application fee.
  3. Once you pay, you’ll get a home study kit to prepare you for your entrance exam. It’s really beginner friendly.
  4. Next thing is to pass and enter.
  5. You learn for 9 months and do a 3 months internship. Total of 1 year.
  6. You only pay your school fees of $500 after you graduate and get a paying Job. You don’t have to pay at once also, you can pay the $500 small small.
App you should check out.
Redeemersconnect. A dating app is not a novelty but when a religious organization launches one, you kinda want to see what’s about. 
Oya sister Mary, time to see Brother Peter. Extra tips if you can speak in tongue…. Really nice concept tho…..
Nacos Students in Nigeria
So recently, I’ve been looking for ways to provide some resources to students still in school, with a little more focus to students studying computer science, but yeah if you’re interested in tech (irrespective of your course), I’ve put together a form you can fill to get access to updates, I’ll be sharing Access to paid courses, internships, you’ll also get updates when there’s a data and laptop scholarship also, fill the form
  1. Here’s a coupon code that gives you a paid course for FREE. If you’re a designer or a Frontend developer, this course would really be useful to you. The cost is $5, but you’ll get it for free if you use this coupon code: 0vqx2rw11
Coupon code: 0vqx2rw11
Tested, research based design tips.
It contains 20 years of experience and 500+ real projects distilled into actionable tips that were actually tested in real world scenarios. 
These tips are already used by thousands of designers from around the world (3000+ to be precise 🤗)
Here’s a youtube video for designers, it contains quick UI/UX tips and tricks.
If you’re a computer Science Student in Nigeria, or you know anyone who is, please share this form with them right now : it’s really important.
Amazing Tech Tweet
This lady did something amazing at DevFest, if you’re hiring an intern, kindly check her out.
Name: History of Cybertron… A one of a kind art…. Check it out, this thing would sell for thousands of USD in the future ooo. Grab your copy nowww. There’s only one of this in the market.
Kindly forward this email to one friend… + Just incase there’s any typo here, please correct it in your mind for me…
E go be..
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