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I know I’ve offended you a little

I haven’t sent out a mail in a while, sincere apologies. If this is your first time getting my email, either you subscribed directly or I added you from a form you filled with me a while back… It has to do with tech tho. Ohh yes, I heard it’s great to add friends and families too to your email so I added a couple of people I know. But in all, if you’re not interested in anything about tech, there’s an unsubscribe link below.. I’ll understand.
This is not a newsletter to just anyone, take it as an email from ME to YOU. You probably don’t know me tho. I’m a nobody!!! I do own a very great tech startup but that’s not important here. What’s more important is the content I’ll be sharing.
We've seen a lot of people running out of Nigeria recently, and it doesn't look like that number is dropping out. Top talents will continue to leave locations that can't offer them peace of mind.
What I’ll be sending you going forward :
Tech scholarship opportunities.
Great free courses.
Great news in the African tech ecosystem.
Free data subscriptions to learn.
I’ll also notify you whenever I’m giving out Laptops to people for FREE, either through or my twitter.
New apps/features that you’ll like. ( App or feature of the week/month )
My Audience
When I started sending out these emails, my Major Focus was to connect with the people interested in tech in Africa, majorly in Nigeria, but right now, I have folks in Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and also Rwanda. (If you’re in any of these countries + you have a tech community and you’ll like to connect or perhaps partner with me to provide certain resources to them, feel free to reach out to me via Twitter)
N.B: Please you don’t need to follow me to interact with me, I’m not counting social media followers, I’m just here to share information I feel you’ll need to you.
Free data subscriptions to learn.
  1. If you’re learning a course or so right now, and you need airtime for data subscription. All thanks to Olaolu and Uchi, I’ll new giving about 20 people airtime to buy data through Chimoney.. Just reply with details about what you’re learning and screenshots of your progress under this tweet .( I bet people who are not getting this email won’t understand why)… I’ll reply and assist as many people as possible.
Free Laptops to help your tech career
  1. I’m giving out some laptops today also, courtesy of Olaolu. If you’re currently learning something in tech and you do not have a laptop or you have a very bad one, kindly reply with what you’re learning, share screenshots of your progress under this tweet and please also share your location (state only) too. Also, if you’re a member of any tech community, kindly add it to your reply too.
Tech scholarship opportunities.
  1. In my next email. I’ll be sharing a link to an application on how you can get a Diploma in software engineering in one year, and you don’t have to pay school fees up front. You only pay school fees after you graduate and you get a paying Job. You also get a 3 months internship.
You’re free to forward this email to anyone and just incase you know a group of people that would benefit from the emails I’ll be sending in the future, you can share this link for them to fill, I’ll add them to my next email :
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Also, if there’s any typo in this email, kindly correct it for me over there, this is not an official email or a company newsletter. It’s just me trying to pass opportunities to the tech community.
And ohh, by the way. NTBTS means - Not The Boring Tech Stuff
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