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Not the boring tech stuff - Yahoo Yahoo VS Tech Bro

Wait, people are comparing Yahoo boys to Tech Bros?

So what happened in 9ja tech ecosystem this week
Recently, there’s been a lot of conversations going around recommending Tech as an alternative to yahoo yahoo, this I believe was started in good faith, based on the idea that employment is the solution to unemployment and with tech being a good collar job with low entry barrier, it’s understandable why anyone would mention is as a solution to yahoo yahoo.
However, naso this discussion escalate sharp sharp ooo, with people now comparing Yahoo money to Tech money, the access to yahoo mentors to tech mentors and that the environmental factor that pushed people to yahoo is the root cause of the problem. For a moment, is sounded like people were justifying yahoo yahoo.
So let me give a brief definition of yahoo yahoo and tech:
Yahoo Yahoo : Fraud also known as scam, collecting money under false pretence such as (fake relationship , fake business, fake loans, stealing pension funds, even COVID relief funds. etc.) Other related fields are : Robbery. Basically any illegal and criminal work.
Tech : Working legally either for yourself or for an organisation and getting salary at the end of the month. Works such as ( Building websites, building mobile apps, marketing, security analyst etc.) Other related fields are : Doctors, Engineers, Store worker, Teacher, Sales person, etc. basically, any honest and legal work.
So when we call a spade a spade, on what grounds do we compare these two fields? Because they both make use of computers? Doctors and Organ harvesters make use of the same tools, are they comparable? Armed robbers and Police (In a sane environment) both use guns, are they comparable ? Terrorists and soldiers both use bombs and assault riffles, but are they comparable? Soldiers are honest and noble officers, they don’t deserve to be compared to terrorists. So you get the point now…
If you make excuses for Fraudsters today, you might as well make excuses for armed robbers tomorrow. Teachers are not being paid well, you don’t see them doing child trafficking. Let’s work to get a better economy and create better access to quality education and reduce unemployment. I swear I know say e no easy, but when you see the lives that have been destroyed through this, you self go know say bad thing na bad thing.
By the way: Yahoo boys and tech bros in my context here are not gender specific. Abeg make nobody find reason to drag me...
Good news in the tech ecosystem
  1. Segun Adebayo, the founder of Chakra UI got listed as a GitHub Star. Very well deserved if you ask me. The GitHub star project started not long ago where we have Samson Goddy being one of the first developers listed. So far, there are 78 Github starts with 7 Nigerians on the list, giving us around 9% on the list. You all see that 9ja really sabi this tech thing and we’re repping very well.
  2. If you want to see how well Tech is growing in Nigeria, look at this tweet from Olaolu you’ll see that the work the ecosystem is doing is showing up..
A chance to get a Diploma in Software Engineering
TalentQL is launching AltSchool, a 1 year program + Internship. Where you’ll learn real life software engineering instead of the old outdated curriculum schools are teaching. You’ll also be paired for a 3 months internship with local/International tech companies during your 1 year. Don’t waste your time at home if you’re free. It’s going to be remote with a small touch of community events in your location so you don’t have to worry about relocating or traveling if you don’t want to.
How much does it cost???? That’s the interesting part, you don’t have to worry about that at all…… You’ll see what I’m saying soon..
Remember the goal of this AltSchool is to give you that great learning experience that you really need in computer science + the certificate from a University. At the end, you’ll probably know more than people who even spent years in higher institution. Plus you also get a certificate from a University. WIN WIN.
Source: I no fit lie for you.
App of the month
Bumpa App, A free app that gives you everything you need to sell online, offline and on social media. It can also track orders, engage customers, receive payments and they even give you a FREE Website…. If you sell stuff on social media, this app would really help you and it’s free. Download here
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Also, they’re active on Twitter and Instagram so you can always ask them questions. They will reply….
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