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Gbas Gbos in the 9ja tech ecosystem - NTBTS #5

Coding no hard, na you no won stop for HTML

GBAS GBOS in the 9Ja tech Ecosystem
  1. Sidebrief VS Norebase : Battle of the DECKS..
A startup called Sidebrief made a public annoucement saying another startup Norebase stole their Idea + pitch deck + product.. Sidebrief said they applied for funding at Future Africa but didn’t get a response, but like magic, one of the Co-founders (now Ex) at Future Africa went to pitch their idea and started a company off it. Norebase replied with an uppercut filled with reciepts of how they have been building for years and how they’ve planned different sections of their company. we saw tweets dated way back, and the CEO of Norebase wrote an article explaining it too.
Pick your fighter: Sidebrief Blow VS Norebase uppercut
2. After a lot of Gbas Gbos, Iyin Aboyeji has handed over his twitter account to a handler, he also explained via a tweet here. but we can still do a throw back to the GG and Over 2.5 game that happened between Iyin and Timigod here. Just follow the thread.
Official News in the Tech ecosystem
  1. Yele Bademosi (Founder and Ex CEO of Bundle Africa) recently left Bundle and guess the NEST thing he started??? It’s called Nestcoin….
  2. Chippercash has completed a round of $150million bringing its total valuation to $2billion. Omoooo If you get tech company idea, don’t sleep on it oo, start small small now if you can…
  3. Disha was about to shut down, and boooommm GB said what do we say to the god of shutting down? Not today. That’s how Flutterwave acquired Disha oooo. They didn’t tell us how much tho.
  4. MTN and Airtel have obtained an approval in principle from CBN to operate as a payment service bank. So now they can start dealing with money fully.. Okay now.. MTN said this fintech money, all of us would enjoy it together.. Let’s see how that’d play out..
  5. OyaMakeWeGroove is coming up, it’s a great tech party for founders, techies and everyone in between. It’s always super fun.
  6. Brass did a Rebrand, New platform looking really great.
₦Millions in Tech Scholarship X Giveaways :
A lot of amazing people are now sponsoring people’s application fee to get a Diploma in Software Engineering from AltSchool using the tag “Moe inspired this” . here are some on the list:
  1. Ebot Tabi of Voyance is paying for 100 people, apply HERE
  2. Sena is sponsoring 10 people, apply HERE
  3. Seyi is sponsoring 10 people, apply HERE
  4. Stephen is sponsoring 10 people, apply HERE
  5. Atsu of Bitsika and Ear1 Social is sponsoring 50 Ghanians, HERE
  6. Babatunde Fashola is sponsoring 30 people, apply HERE
  7. The Founder of Deimos Andrew Mori would be sponsoring 50 too.
  8. Wole Ayodele is sponsoring 50 women also, apply HERE
So many more to come… Watch out to for more. And ohhh, Moe also championed the move to give 10 women Laptops also. Watch out for this..
Getting a Diploma in Software engineering for $0
AltSchool Africa is a University that’s giving out Diploma certificates after a 1 year course. Steps to get this:
  1. Go to Altschool Africa website and apply
  2. There’s a $20 or 10,000 Naira application fee.
  3. Once you pay, you’ll get a home study kit to prepare you for your entrance exam. It’s really beginner friendly.
  4. Next thing is to pass and enter.
  5. You learn for 9 months and do a 3 months internship. Total of 1 year.
  6. You only pay your school fees of $500 after you graduate and get a paying Job. You don’t have to pay at once also, you can pay the $500 small small.
Banks and CBN and EFCC
So recently, we've seen a lot of people complaining that some banks are closing their accounts or they got arrested by EFCC. So here's a breakdown of what's really happening.
Remember the FG said nobody in Nigeria should deal in Crypto, placing various financial services like banks under hold that their users must not use Crypto services, the issue here is, if an account is flagged for using Crypto, the Bank would get an order to close that account (your money is safe, you'll have to withdraw it out), but the issue is, the banks are getting the blame and nobody is complaining about the Oga at the top that banned crypto. The Banks are regulated and they have certain laws that they have to follow (which they don't make), if they don't close the account, they can get a hefty fine or worse, lose their license. So you should understand if they prefer to close 10 accounts instead of closing their whole company or paying a 300 Million Naira fine for example.
Solution: Let's face the body making the laws and not the Banks who have no choice. Adding this here because Omoooo, e be things..
App you should check out.
I don’t have any app or platform to recommend for now……………………
Good news in the tech ecosystem
Recently, 9ja tech took to the street of twitter to share their wins and it was a great scene to behold.. Below are some of the awesome wins I saw, and just incase you’re asking for my own wins, I’m grateful to be alive :
Daniel Bezos
- Got a job offer from one of the biggest companies in the world
- ~23x my monthly earning from last year
- Helped my bro a step closer to being world class
- Got my mom a car and helped my dad start a business
- Did 2 Angel investing in tech startups
- Love
Big Sheddy 🦅
- Got a new job paying 2x my previous salary.
- Signed a book deal (coming Q1 2022).
- Bought 3 freaking cars ( long story ).
- Bought my first landed property and added another one
- Got my mom a car.
- Travelled out of the country for the first time.
- salary went from -- to ----------------------------------
- Did my first ever 5 figure ($) gig
- Building a house for mumsi
- Buying her a car too (in the works)
- Helped my siblings get started in tech
- The most important is I've become more peaceful and less anxious
Iji Ego?
Still alive
Got a great job & left
Got another great job (Career growth this year was 🚀)
X3 my earnings
Fell in love repeatedly with one person
Started a community for tech marketers
Still alive

2022 we go harder & global.
- Joined my Dream company and left
- Met amazing folks in tech
- Led Product Management for a YC company
- 10xd that Income
- Found Love or whatever it is
- New House
- Killed Black Tax (sibling is in tech and doing well)
- Became a better human
November and December we 10x
It’s really great that a lot of people are sharing their wins publicly, this would encourage more and more people to take that leap of faith and try out tech…
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E go be✌🏻
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