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Every week na fight for 9ja tech twitter

They like fighting on 9ja tech twitter too much, me I’ll soon stop being a Tech Bro.

In partnership with Fincra
In partnership with Fincra
api new year
api new year
GBAS GBOS in the 9Ja tech Ecosystem
  1. The Battle of the Founders VS Operators : All our Chief at M-Kopa said was that Founders should step aside so Operators can take over, that’s how all the founders descended on the tweet ooo. First we have Ijbkid playing the first free-kick sub. Then Sola came to even the playing field without supporting any team. That’s how Babajide said. Sola came back with a penalty that Babajide wanted to shake table from the beginning.
  2. If you have fight with Timigod, he’s ready to face you head on. This Gbas Gbos all started when Timigod said he’s looking for a ReactNatice Dev ooo, that’s how one guy came and changed free kick to penalty, he said. Timigod came back and said, Be like say e get something wey dey pain you from before today. Timigod ended the game with a last point that if you get legitimate issue, come talk am, we’re not here to settle illegitimate issues. In the heat of the moment, a Big Brother decided to subscribe to a big opinion, he said “Na only legal or sentimental issues go make people come look africa. We actually are not there yet”. Damnn, the quote tweets started rushing in asap… Was he right or wrong? Feel free to reply this email…
#DevCareerXProgate 90DaysOfCode
DevCareer has partnered with Progate to provide support for up to 5000 people starting their tech journey in Africa. They’ll be several #90DaysOfCode challenges in the DevCareer community this year where you’ll be with a community, actively learning the same thing you’re learning in your level. You’ll also get the chance to ask guest speakers questions once in a while…. Another great thing is that, Progate has a mobile app, so you can download the Progate app on your phone….
To join, kindly follow these instructions:
  1. Visit and check out the courses they offer.
  2. Select the course you wish to learn and tweet about it using the hashtag #DevCareerXProgate while tagging @dev_careers and @progateEN on twitter.
  3. This is available to DevCareer community members only, Join the DevCareer community via filling this form
  4. The DevCareer Slack community is open to everyone in tech, irrespective of your gender and tech field (PM, UI & UX, Coding, etc)
NTBTS campus ambassadorship
So here’s to people currently in various institution. I’m starting a short ambassadorship program. Where you get a 20,000 Naira monthly salary on a steady for a few months.. Your only job would be to introduce this newsletter to your fellow students and get them to subscribe.. I was working on something for folks studying computer science before but I’m opening it up to everyone.
If you’re interested, kindly fill this form..
Altschool Africa Application fee giveaway
50 people would get their application fee to AltSchool paid for by @marsInternet, @atsudavoh, @odirionyeo, @St_Akomolafe, @Samson_Goddy and @uchiuchibeke .
All you have to do is apply under this tweet. People who did not get this email won’t understand… Naso life be ooo.
Getting a Diploma in Software engineering for $0
Detty December don end ooo, time to clean up the remaining part of 2022 that just started. Here’s something you should check out if you’re interested in starting out in Tech.
AltSchool Africa is a University that’s giving out Diploma certificates after a 1 year course. Steps to get this:
  1. Go to Altschool Africa website and apply
  2. There’s a $20 or 10,000 Naira application fee.
  3. Once you pay, you’ll get a home study kit to prepare you for your entrance exam. It’s really beginner friendly.
  4. Next thing is to pass and enter.
  5. You learn for 9 months and do a 3 months internship. Total of 1 year.
  6. You only pay your school fees of $500 after you graduate and get a paying Job. You don’t have to pay at once also, you can pay the $500 small small.
To help me keep sending you this great newsletter, please forward to you friends and ask them to subscribe through this link
Interview with a techie you should know
Every week, I’ll be interviewing some amazing people in the African tech ecosystem, these people have built amazing products but you probably don’t know them, either because they’re not super active on twitter or because they’re not in your country… I’ll be featuring these wonderful people soon.. Stay tuned.
2021 in review articles you should read
Based on popular demand, a lot of tech people now have a tradition of writing how their year went at the end of each year, this is good because it can serve as a source of inspiration to a lot of people. Another great thing is that, people share their bad and down moments too in these articles so you know the people you look up to are also Homo sapiens and they make mistakes, collect breakfasts and feel depressed too.. No one is a superhuman, even batman was able to kill superman which is hilarious by the way, considering Batman is just an overpriced alienware laptop.
  1. Happier than ever by Kadett
  2. The Categorical Leap by Ruth
  3. Failures, Growth, and New Beginnings by Daniel Abudu
  4. 2021 by Adora
2021 in techreview - E long ooo, take your time
For your sake, here’s an update on some of the major tech news that happened in 2021. Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you ooo.
December: ( Edtech for the lead)
  1. Mainone Acquisition for $320M.
  2. Flutterwave launched Send, and signed Wizkid as a global brand ambassador.
  3. Edtechs, Teesas and Edukoya raised $1.6m and $3.5m respectively in pre-seed.
  4. Onepipe raised $3.5 million in their latest seed round. 
  5. Max, the MaaS provider, landed $31m funding. 
  6. Tradedepot, a player in the B2B e-commerce space capped the month with $110million.
November ( Crypto X Transport)
  1. Busha raised a $4.2m seed round.
  2. Davido and Omegoat(a Bitsika outfit) launched $ECHOKE social token.
  3. Flutterwave rush buy Disha sharp sharp.
  4. Chippercash closed its first series C of $100M, and barely 6 months after, raised an additional $150M in an extended deal.. Omoooo money dey flow for street.
  5. Lemonade finance got into YC and shortly after graduation bagged $725,000 in pre-seed.
  6. Treepz (formerly Plentywaka) closed a $2.8m seed round during the year split into $1.2m in August and $1.5m in November.
  7. Shuttlers raised $1.6m.
  8. Sabi announced a $6m raise to service the e-business space.
  9. Kippa got $3.2 in pre-seed.
  10. Drugstoc did $4.4m funding round.
  11. Aboki Africa raised an undisclosed amount in a pre-seed round.
  12. Wicrypt has closed a $1.5 million funding.
  1. MFS Africa acquired Capricorn Digital in an undisclosed deal
  2. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, Messenger experienced a first-of-a-kind downtime that lasted 6hours. The outage, according to Facebook, is not a result of a hack but mere configuration changes.  
  3. Nigeria launched E-Naira but we don’t know what’s up ooo. we no still see the Naira.
  4. Neo-banks Sparkle and Brass picked $3.1m and $1.7m cheques respectively in October.
  5. Autochek lands $13.1M.
  6. Vendease secured $3.2m
  7. Klasha raised $2.4 million
  8. Eden Life got $1.4m
  9. Stitch $2m
  10. Sendbox did $1.8m.
  1. Andela became a Unicorn after raising $200m( Meaning they’re now worth $1B or more)
  2. Releaf secured $4.2M divided into $2.7 million in seed and $1.5m as a grant. 
  3. Prospa bagged $3.8m in a funding round.
  4. OurPass raised $1M.
  5. Bumpa first preseed cheque of $200k.
August ( the era of blood money)
  1. Opay’s $400M funding.
  2. Omnibiz’s $3M and Alerzo’s $10.5M will help them grow as B2B e-commerce drivers. 
  3. Moove raised $23M.
  1. In an undisclosed deal, Piggvest bought over Until the acquisition, offered savings and wealth management to its users. The deal will migrate existing users to Piggyvest.
  2. Cowrywise secured a major license from SEC to operate as a full-fledged fund management company.
  3. Lidya and Fairmoney are two companies making loans accessible to Nigerians; they both secured $8.3M and $42m respectively.
  4. Payhippo also raised $1m in pre-seed. The startup would later announce its acceptance into YC in August and another $3m raise in November.
  5. Chaka bagged $1.5m in funding and the first to be awarded a SEC license to operate as a digital sub-broker.
June ( Twitter was banned )
The suspension comes shortly after Twitter deleted a tweet posted on PMB handle on the grounds of violation. It is not quite clear when the suspension would be called off although many users have bypassed the ban with the use of VPN.
  1. Nexford University lands $10.8M funding. 
  2. Jiji acquired Cars45 in an undisclosed deal.
  1. CBN announced new license requirements for the Payments System
  2. Mono raised a $2m seed round. The startup would later confirm an additional raise of $15m.
For the first half of 2021, both locals and foreign residents in Nigeria could not get a new sim and lost sim could not be replaced. This frustrated communication for many people to say the least. However, the ban on sim registration and issuance became suspended in April. NCC through the Ministers of Information and digital economy Isa Pantami directed Telcos to resume sim registration again after months of suspension.
  1. Twitter sly 9ja for Ghana to launch its first regional office amidst concern around internet access and freedom of speech.
  2. Okra raised $3.5m.
  1. Flutterwave was in the news alot this year and it’s for all the right reasons. Few days into the third month, the news broke that Flutterwave raised $170m in funding. And that’s how they entered the Unicorn league.
  2. Kudabank; first a $25M cheque in March and another $55M series B funding in August. 
  3. Bankly raised a $2 million seed round.
February (Crypto became a sin)
CBN declared crypto-related activities prohibited. In a communique, the apex bank directed regulated financial institutions to identify and discontinue new and existing crypto relationships in their books. The CBN demands that this directive should be carried out immediately or risk sanctions. This caused a great deal of panic as crypto exchanges rushed to reassure traders of the safety of their money.
  1. Sim Shagaya ed-tech startup uLesson raised $7.5m in Series A round. 11 months later, the company did $15 million in Series B round.
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In partnership with Fincra
In partnership with Fincra
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