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♡ music. business. technology.

♡ music. business. technology.

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letters from Habbi - goodbye 2021

I've never been happier to say goodbye to a year than 2021. although many good things happened, it was also just an incredibly painful process to get there. I feel like the end of 2021 is finally the end of the transition that started when my life got turned …


letters from Habbi - Issue #5, so many books

to me the idea of christmas and books are so intertwined that you can't have one without the other. for the longest time Hailley and I have wanted to do something special for our longtime listeners, and so releasing an episode a week before christmas that's j…


letters from Habbi x conflicted on christmas

I feel like almost two years of covid has made me ‘fall out of rhythm’ with ...capitalism (?)being back on travelling was jarring for me because I just felt like all the ad signs were so big and everywhere, and so. loud., and like m a n i p u l a t i v e. I w…


letters from Habbi - Issue #3

hey everyone,there's something I've been working on that I've been so eager to start talking about. some of you may already be aware about me and Hailley being a part of Myke Hurley's mentorship group.as I progress through this thing called life, one truth co…


letters from Habbi - Issue #2, new MWW episode

This episode feels like a milestone. I mean, if there was an easy way to “word analyse” the episode, I’m sure we say that word multiple times in reference to at least 3 significant ones. it’s the first episode we have an official sponsor; outside the ads our …


letters from Habbi - the first one ♡

this was it – this tweet with a screenshot of my profile making no reference to it whatsoever