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Best of Twitter - week of May 6, 2019 (1/2)

Hey, Enjoy this week's digest!
Best of Twitter - week of May 6, 2019 (1/2)
By Alexey Guzey • Issue #13 • View online
Enjoy this week’s digest!

happiness is bullshit. the only times i've ever felt truly alive have been periods of total obsession with something. not always "pleasant"
1:08 AM - 23 Apr 2017
(^ thread)
Damian Gryski
Just heard about a customer service exploit where the person called up multiple times and corrected a single character "misspelling" until the entire account was in his name.
3:38 AM - 8 May 2019
Rolf Degen
Contrary to popular belief, the poor do not eat more fast food than the rich.
9:24 AM - 19 Apr 2017
Erik Torenberg
What lessons have you learned re: how to ask great questions?

- Invert (If I was them, what Q would I want to be asked?)
- Introduce critique impersonally (“How might you respond to the critique that…)
- Have em weave a narrative("How does this fit into your career arc?")
7:37 AM - 2 Apr 2019
(try using invert before your next meeting - it is genius; you can’t usually answer the question but just thinking about it helps a ton)
John B. Holbein
What happened when New York City (randomly) increased street lighting?

Crime fell by 36% as a direct result.

Evidence: "Reducing Crime Through Environmental Design"

2:38 PM - 6 May 2019
Alec Stapp
Unintended consequences of EU tech regulation:

🚫 Activists convicted for posts under antiterrorism law

🚫 Twitter accounts banned for satire under hate speech law

🚫 Search results about a doctor punished for poor performance removed under privacy law
6:24 PM - 6 May 2019
Alex Beal 🆎
The more I look at actual science, the more I feel like I'm losing my mind. The other day I tried to look into the link between sunscreen and melanoma risk. Should be a slam dunk, right? Wait what?
7:50 PM - 8 May 2019
@bryan_johnson ugh this is one of those tweets that haunts me after I write it... because my tweet implies *someone else* should be doing it, and then you remember no-one is and you realize you have to step up to making it a reality if you wanna see it.
12:51 AM - 11 Jan 2019
Alexey Guzey
one of my favorite pictures ever: 29 teams analyze the same data set. Point estimates (of odds ratio for the key effect) vary

by a factor of 3
7:54 AM - 26 Nov 2018
James Clear
Flying still amazes me. It’s magic.

Despite the annoyances of modern air travel, it’s a gift. For 99.9% of history, human eyes never saw a sunset from above the clouds or marveled at the scale of our cities from the sky or looked across the vast ocean.

Now it happens everyday.
5:27 AM - 8 May 2019
Incredible ingenuity has been devoted to dodging bans and taxes, and the results are hilarious
8:07 PM - 28 Jan 2018
Adam Strandberg
Bacteriophage produce anti-CRISPR proteins, but they need to cooperate to have sufficient density to overwhelm bacterial defenses
1:35 AM - 9 Aug 2018
John Backus
How many ways can we get recent history wrong? Rewinding Reddit:

• Today, people are forgetting Digg
• Until 2010, Reddit was called a "digg clone"
• @alexisohanian + @pg: Nope. Reddit copied del.icio​.us/popular
• @Jason in '07: Digg also copied delicious which copied Furl
2:36 AM - 22 Nov 2018
(tweet above has one more picture)
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