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Best of Twitter - week of May 27, 2019 (2/2)

Best of Twitter - week of May 27, 2019 (2/2)
By Alexey Guzey • Issue #19 • View online

@AndrewGYork @srikosuri One other group with a lot of leverage: people willing to just say "screw it" & go for it. I often hear people say they "can't" do something because it's "not incentivized" in academia. But it's really, really sobering to talk with soldiers, fire fighters, and police officers.
8:26 AM - 3 Mar 2019
@AndrewGYork @srikosuri They're risking their life. And it put in perspective for me worries like "I won't get my grant / tenure" etc. It's made me more inclined to say to people: do you really believe in this idea you're worried your system won't support? If you do, then figure out how to do it anyway
8:30 AM - 3 Mar 2019
@AndrewGYork @srikosuri I know there's still real tradeoffs. But I wish more people considered that following the ideas they really believe in, and reducing their grant percentages by 20%, was a great tradeoff to be making.
8:32 AM - 3 Mar 2019
David Masad
1999: there are millions of websites all hyperlinked together
2019: there are four websites, each filled with screenshots of the other three.
4:26 PM - 28 May 2019
Sahil Lavingia
Never doubt the power of a thoughtful, well-written cold email. It may change your life.

(I can think of several that have changed mine.)
4:08 AM - 24 May 2019
Been arguing with a friend of mine whether “blue light makes you sleep worse” is bs or not. This paper might settle our debate:
Sean W Cain
New work from my lab and @circadianumbers published in @PNASNews today shows massive (>50-fold) individual differences in the response to evening light, but also high average sensitivity. Big implications for vulnerability to circadian disruption.
11:24 PM - 28 May 2019
Stephanie Hurlburt
It is very wild to go from everyone calling an idea crazy 3 years ago to now the whole web 3D graphics ecosystem adopting it.

I attribute it not to sheer determination, but relentless studying of PR & business to better communicate and prove value.

Study business. ☝️
5:49 AM - 24 May 2019
Stephanie Hurlburt
The tech was around and pretty much done years ago. It was ready to go, we were trying to tell everyone that. What took years was just the business piece.
5:51 AM - 24 May 2019
Nick Brown
Um, that's not how research is supposed to work.
1:48 AM - 30 May 2019
^ reminds me of this classic thread on what Nick HK learned while doing statistical consulting for normal people:
Nick HK
Related, but p-hacking is just an incredibly natural temptation. I'd say that a good 50% of the insignificant results I return get a response asking how they can be changed. The most common phrasing is asking how they can be "fixed." No concept of that being bad.
10:23 PM - 1 May 2018
A software engineer couldn’t quite figure out why there’s no supersonic air travel. A few years later he has statements of intent to purchase his supersonic 55-seat plane amounting to $6bn:
Boom Supersonic
How does what we’re building compare to #Concorde? @EsquireUK speaks with CEO, @bscholl, to explore key technology behind our very own Overture. #SupersonicFlight
2:14 AM - 30 May 2019
Steve Stewart-Williams
You don't need to walk 10,000 steps a day.

"It turns out the original basis for this 10,000-step guideline was really a marketing strategy... [T]he actual health merits of that number have never been validated by research."
1:46 AM - 2 Jun 2019
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