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Best of Twitter - week of May 27, 2019 (1/2)

Enjoy the tweets and have a great week! :)
Best of Twitter - week of May 27, 2019 (1/2)
By Alexey Guzey • Issue #18 • View online
Enjoy the tweets and have a great week! :)

Sarah Cone
I think my most contrarian belief is that not only are markets not efficient, they're deeply Girardian, filled with the most unbelievably stupid behavior copied and replicated almost everywhere.
7:14 PM - 23 May 2019
Paul Graham
Was just thinking how one problem with telling lies is that you have to remember them all. Then I remembered that quite a lot of famous politicians have been known for their extraordinary memories. I'd always wondered about that. Now I may have a theory to explain it...
2:28 PM - 12 May 2019
“Einstein later expressed gratitude that he ended up as a patent examiner rather than an assistant professor, for academia might have induced him to publish ‘safe’ papers that embraced accepted theories.”

from Melissa Schilling (@mschilli1)’s recent book:
5:38 AM - 8 Feb 2019
Inquisitive Bird
A dramatic demonstration of the sex difference in desire for casual sex with many partners reveals itself among homosexuals.

Average # of same-sex partners:
Gay/Bi man: 96
Lesbian/Bi woman: 6

It is easy for men to find people to have casual sex with... if they ask other men.
11:41 AM - 28 May 2019
Jasper Van der Jeugt
5G is a huge open problem for engineering since somehow we're going to have to add several hundreds of megabytes to every web page. We have an impeccable track record though so I'm sure someone will figure it out
10:29 PM - 25 May 2019
Erik Torenberg
Sebastian Junger in “Tribe” writes about how he lost more friends *after* his army service (suicide) than during.

“Humans don’t mind hardship, they thrive on it; what they mind is not feeling necessary.

Modern society has perfected the art of making people not feel necessary”
2:25 AM - 28 May 2019
Stanislav Yurin
I bet that 90% of severe mental illnesses can be cured by removal of the most toxic relative this person physically or mentally depends on. #ViaNegativa
11:49 AM - 27 May 2019
Nabeel Qureshi
Excellent tweet 👇🏽

Related -- how hard it is to figure out what beliefs of yours are false. It all just seems like "background" -- need to write/discuss/make beliefs explicit in order to back out truth & falsity.
2:22 AM - 28 May 2019
Joe Henrich
Many assume the right hemisphere bias in facial processing was assumed to be a feature of human brains. But, looks like learning to read pushes face processing right.
1:25 PM - 28 May 2019
modest proposal
“The copying was so extensive that Huawei inadvertently copied bugs in Cisco’s software...

“Huawei couldn’t release its routers for shipment until it fixed a substantial number of the common Cisco bugs contained in the Huawei routers” for fear of giving away the plagiarism
7:56 PM - 25 May 2019
^ thread
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