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Best of Twitter - Week of June 24, 2019

Best of Twitter - Week of June 24, 2019
By Alexey Guzey • Issue #23 • View online

Joe Weisenthal
Not surprised that Bitcoin is crashing today. I warned that it was a bubble back in 2012.
4:25 PM - 27 Jun 2019
Joseph Everett (WIL)
"And, I have to say it. If my experience at Magnum is representative of other cattle farms, all those accounts of the dismal, depressing, disastrous cattle conditions seem to be exaggerated."
9:56 AM - 30 Jan 2019
Balaji S. Srinivasan
Sufficiently enlightened self interest is indistinguishable from altruism.
9:00 PM - 26 Jun 2019
Saku Panditharatne
Thinking about this more, I've come to the conclusion this is a very strongly held belief in tech/startup culture, and a reason for many of it's quirks. That there's no conflict between self-interest & global optimum.
12:08 AM - 28 Jun 2019
Stuart Buck
Milton Friedman's explanation for the reproducibility crisis: cheap computers.

10:57 PM - 18 Jun 2019
Ethan Mollick
This paper shows that folks who successfully predict a big unexpected hit (like a VC who backs a company no one else thinks will win & turns out to be right) are often just really bad at predictions, since the way they reached their extreme results came from bad data analysis!
12:38 AM - 26 Jun 2019
^ with limited downside and unlimited upside, being typically wrong results in being right in expectation. More practically: do stupid shit; epistemic rationality is overrated.
Weight Agnostic Neural Networks 🦎

Inspired by precocial species in biology, we set out to search for neural net architectures that can already (sort of) perform various tasks even when they use random weight values.

3:13 AM - 12 Jun 2019
Ohio Amish raise a barn. An impressive work also in photography: 1600 pictures taken in 10 hours and compressed in 3 minutes and 30 seconds by photographer Scott Miller [full original video:]
3:09 PM - 25 Jun 2019
Jess Calarco
If you write to me, and I do not respond, there's a chance I mistook your email for academic spam. There's also a high chance I saw your email (on my phone), thought about responding, forgot to actually respond, and then forgot that I didn't actually respond. Please email again.
2:47 AM - 25 Jun 2019
Jennifer Doleac
This. I definitely do not respond to all legit email. I live by the rule that if it's important, the sender will follow up.
3:49 PM - 24 Jun 2019
Nabeel Qureshi
Not many interesting tech companies come out of NYC partially because there is too much stuff to do in the city.

I lived in South Bay for a year. There really wasn't anything to do except work.
2:08 AM - 28 Jun 2019
Morgan Housel
I worked on a book chapter for 2 months and deleted almost all of it. Feels like the writing equivalent of watching a suffering patient die. It's sad, but at least the suffering is over. RIP, illogical chapter.
6:31 PM - 28 Jun 2019
^ when I write, I frequently rewrite blog posts completely several times; many posts end up discarded completely after hours already spent on them
@michael_nielsen There's a freaking slug that PHOTOSYNTHESIZES. It doesn't need to eat for months!
Figuring it how it did this could revolutionize gene therapy. And imagine if we could make it work in mammals! Maybe we wouldn't need to eat???
8:11 AM - 28 Jun 2019
@snaidunl @dclingi @bswud @ArtirKel @pdsegal @straightedge @_alice_evans @ryancbriggs The Kuznets Curve of Food Modernisation:

Low Income: slow food made from scratch with backbreaking labour

Middle Income: machine processed ingredients, full exploitation of the division of labour

High Income: Slow food made from scratch with backbreaking labour, but not yours
5:25 PM - 13 Jun 2019
Leo Polovets
Mind-boggling stats about YouTube from @Pex:

Since inception:
💾5.2B videos uploaded
👁️29T views
🐳0.64% of videos represent *81%* of all views

In 2018:
⏱️621 hours of video uploaded/min
🎮Gaming is 31% of uploaded content (vs 2% in '08)
9:45 PM - 28 Jun 2019
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