Best of Twitter - Week of June 10, 2019

Best of Twitter - Week of June 10, 2019
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Thomas Hollands
Newton made 3 big bets:

1. You could decode the Bible to find hidden messages
2. You could transmute heavy elements into gold, thereby creating infinite wealth
3. You could describe the world by universal laws of physics

Imagine if he had only placed the first 2
7:21 PM - 8 Jun 2019
Robert Dur
Did you see this graph by Kleven et al. (2018) showing that earnings of men and women in Denmark diverge sharply right after the arrival of the first child?

Kleven et al. (2019) now studied the same for Sweden, Germany, Austria, the UK, and the US.

And guess what? (1/6)
12:31 AM - 23 Jan 2019
Shifting from p(x)=1-ε to p(x)=1-(10^12), is the largest belief update anyone ever manages.

From there to 50-50 is tiny in comparison.
2:46 AM - 27 Jan 2017
Tamar Haspel
Why observational diet data is unreliable, Exhibit #7493: in a new @KevinH_PhD study, dieters underreport consumption by hundreds of calories. And that's 24-hour recall, which is supposed to be the most reliable.
5:29 PM - 24 Jan 2019
Darren L Dahly
To understand my skepticism of some microbiome research, first you have to think of the outcomes that are being studied... 1/
9:06 PM - 17 Oct 2018
Gene 🚀
@andrewchen Bitcoin. I was staring at it when it was $1 - thinking who the hell would pay $1 for a virtual coin? Then I bought into the hype at $3. When it got to $30, I thought... holy shit, sell! That was that.
5:01 AM - 16 Jun 2019
John Backus
> You e-mailed asking for my opinion, and I wanted to give a really thorough, well-thought-out, articulate response, so I starred your e-mail, and over time it became a mascot for my illogical but oppressive sense of dread in the face of slightly annoying tasks.
1:06 AM - 11 Jun 2019
Celebrity Net Worth
@randfish 1: 2014 Google asks for an API to our info
2: We decline
3: We published 10 net worth pages for conjured fake celebrities.
4: By early-mid 2015 all of our net worth info... including fictional pages are scraped into a full page featured snippets with no attribution
10:26 PM - 16 Jun 2019
Oded Rechavi 🦉
💥🎉 FINALLY! Our paper is out! 💥🎉 @CellCellPress We discovered that the nervous system of C.elegans transmits information via small RNAs across multiple generations to control the behavior of the progeny. A thread 👇👇(1/17) #molecularmemories
5:49 PM - 6 Jun 2019
Adam J Calhoun
Heisenberg almost failed his oral thesis exam because he couldn't explain telescopes or batteries - and was worried that he wouldn't be able to get an academic job because the market was so competitive
4:51 PM - 8 Jun 2019
Austen Allred
@micsolana @typesfast Wait, really though, what are the rules on building down?

An underground cyberpunk tech dystopia because building things is outlawed would be the most San Francisco thing imaginable
7:14 AM - 13 Jun 2019
Peter Nollert
Almost all possible macrocycles 7- to 10-residue cyclic peptides identified. Just 200 designs fold into stable structures.
A landmark.
4:40 PM - 15 Dec 2017
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