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Best of Twitter - Week of July 8, 2019

Best of Twitter - Week of July 8, 2019
By Alexey Guzey • Issue #25 • View online

John Backus
First they ignore you.
Then they laugh at you.
Then they attack you.
Then you win.
Then you rewrite history.
Then you give advice that leaves out the sketchy stuff you did while they were ignoring you.
3:02 PM - 6 Nov 2018
Molten Steel
TIL Persia helped Athens fight Sparta in exchange for Athenians recognizing Persian rule.

Athenians returned to Athens and the crisis had passed so they went back on the agreement. Darius attacked much later.

(Source: Pre-Islamic Middle East by Martin Sicker)
6:50 PM - 3 Feb 2018
Michael Seibel
There is something about facing utter destruction that allows me to reach the highest gear, care the most, and be the most productive. In school I was the ultimate procrastinator because I needed that pressure to perform. That is why startups got the most out of me.
5:52 AM - 8 Jul 2019
10x Tweeter
It's worth restating that Da Vinci was a rambling, distracted, self-directed weirdo who would probably not have survived in a modern classroom without getting put on ADHD meds
6:25 PM - 12 Apr 2018
^ thread
Divia Eden
One more underrated study:

The time in 1929 a superintendent decided to try an experiment where some kids skipped formal math until 6th grade.

Within a year of regular math class they were just at good at math tests and better at actual reasoning.
10:53 AM - 12 Jul 2019
Jason Shepherd
@SimonErlendsson in John's lab has reconstructed the capsids formed by the fly Arc proteins (dArc1/2) to atomic resolution using cryo-EM! Take a look at these beauties. A reminder, these aren't actually viruses but animal proteins that form capsids!! Amazing. /2
10:30 AM - 10 Jul 2019
Paul Graham
A lot of the worst mistakes people make take the form of realizing too late that some market was more efficient than it seemed, and that some person or undertaking that seemed a good deal was actually correctly priced considering the risks involved.
11:51 AM - 12 Jul 2019
Rolf Degen
Why everything you are being told about nutrition is wrong.
6:38 PM - 12 Jul 2019
Adam Strandberg
“When I diagnose a basal-cell skin cancer in a patient, the first thing I say is congratulations, because you’re walking out of my office with a longer life expectancy than when you walked in.”
10:01 AM - 11 Jul 2019
^ “Current guidelines for sun exposure are unhealthy and unscientific” + “The active ingredients of commonly-used sunscreens end up in the bloodstream at much higher levels than current U.S. guidelines from health regulators”
a few highlights from a long thread about vision:
what's important to the evolution of the visual system is any trick that helps you survive, no matter how "dumb" or "weird" it is.

So if you want an accurate visual representation of what things look like? Use a camera. Not your eyes.
12:28 PM - 3 Jul 2018
you can see this effect happen if you watch an analog clock with a second hand.
Look away (with just your eyes, not your head), then look back to the second hand.
It'll seem like it takes longer than a second to move, then resumes moving as normal.
12:04 PM - 3 Jul 2018
that's because your freaking visual system just lied to you about HOW LONG TIME IS in order to cover up the physical limitations of those chemical camera orbs you have on the front of your face.
12:04 PM - 3 Jul 2018
we've known about this effect for over 100 years, it's called "Saccadic masking" and more specifically Chronostasis. Your visual system lies to you about WHEN things happen by up to half a second(!) just to avoid saccades blurring everything.
12:06 PM - 3 Jul 2018
And for fun, here's wikipedia's example of the blindspot.
Stare at L with only your left eye, adjust the distance, and the R will disappear. You don't see "nothing" or "black", you see the background, because you expect to.
12:40 PM - 3 Jul 2018
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Have a great week!
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