Best of Twitter - Week of July 29, 2019 - I got 999 problems but Airbnb ain't one

Best of Twitter - Week of July 29, 2019 - I got 999 problems but Airbnb ain't one
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Leo Polovets
Fun observation about power law returns: if you had invested equally in Airbnb + 999 seed co's that went bankrupt, you'd have a ~10x fund.
Pamela J. Hobart
happiness culture has been nothing but a disaster for meaningfulness.
Pamela J. Hobart
whoever taught you or modeled to you that happiness should be the goal robbed you of all manner of satisfactions that do not readily reduce to positive subjective states:
Pamela J. Hobart
duty, honor, loyalty, courage, perseverance... all the flavors that every human until 5 minutes ago historically appreciated.
Pamela J. Hobart
This is not just a cutesy academic debate about virtue ethics. People with essentially very good lives feel worse about them than they could/should because someone told them “happiness is your birthright” or some shit.
T. Greer
"History is the most important thing you can read. Why? Only a strong background in history can you tell you when writers in other fields are full of crap."

I might have written that. The full thing is here:
^ related: Scott Alexander’s Epistemic Learned Helplessness
Greg Brockman
How I became a machine learning practitioner:

(Spoiler alert: you can too!)
^ CTO of OpenAI: “From our Fellows and Scholars programs, I’d known that software engineers with solid fundamentals in linear algebra and probability can become machine learning engineers with just a few months of self study. But somehow I’d convinced myself that I was the exception and couldn’t learn.”
Kevin Simler
@sonyasupposedly This sounds like an example of something I’m fascinated by: being alienated from one’s own preferences.

(Is that what happened to you here?)

I get this way a lot (in other contexts) — finding myself confused about what I actually want. How does that happen??
Ryan Sarver
I've heard from a number of founders that they are swapping shares with other founder-friends so they can share in each other's potential success. A founder was asking me how they are structured -- if you've done it and been happy with it will you DM me?
Adam J Calhoun
Medieval people bathed regularly, used soap, and had deodorant so apparently I know nothing
Mark Dingemanse
I join my fellow academics in their concern about Sci Hub, a service where most scientific articles can be found. Especially avoid typing the current SciHub url before any DOI, as this will result in a immediate PDF download before you know it
Lukasz Olejnik
First reported human casualties/injuries following cyber attacks (on industrial systems, power production)? If confirmed, that would be something.
^ four pictures in tweet above
Michael Levin
"We find that veridical perceptions—strategies tuned to the true structure of the world—are routinely dominated by nonveridical strategies tuned to fitness. Veridical perceptions escape extinction only if fitness varies monotonically with truth."
Aaron Ng
Side Project Announcement: I made a tool for large Twitter accounts to search their followings for interesting people, recruiting leads, investors, and so on.

“Who are all the investors that follow me in SF?”

“Do any writers follow me in LA?”
^ this tool proves to be very useful
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