Best of Twitter - Week of July 22, 2019 (2/2) - caloric restriction in wild mice

Best of Twitter - Week of July 22, 2019 (2/2) - caloric restriction in wild mice
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Adam Strandberg
"The most reliable anti-aging finding—that reduction in caloric intake can modestly extend life and prevent the symptoms of aging in many animals—disappears when it’s tested on wild mice or on mice kept at comfortably warm temperatures." - @s_r_constantin
^ “Part of the activation energy required to start any task comes from the picture you get in your head when you imagine doing it. It may not be that going for a run is actually costly; but if it feels costly, if the picture in your head looks like a slog, then you will need a bigger expenditure of will to lace up.”
Adrian A. Wanner
This is huge. 3D cultures of human induced pluripotent stem cells develop into multi-layered retina organoids mimicking cell-type specific gene expression of adult human retinal cells. Neat "detail": first report of RGC light response recordings from post mortem human retinas.
Robert Nelsen
Pace of innovation on gene therapy, cell therapy, and gene editing continues to accelerate and astound. Really unprecedented.
Kevin Kwok
I've come to believe everyone systematically underestimates how influenceable people are in the last inning of deciding major life decisions like jobs. The smallest moment magnifies. Managing the last mile so key. And conversely getting lazy for a second so fatal
Russell T. Warne
Clark: Economic outcomes among relatives are correlated. The big question is whether that is causal (that relatives help out one another) or whether shared genes create these correlations. #ISIR2019 #psychology
Russell T. Warne
Clark: There is a way to untangle this through a family database. Different relatives will share an equal level of relationship but not an equal level of social interaction. If correlations differ when genetic correlations are equal, it then this is a social effect. #ISIR2019
^ thread
Steve Stewart-Williams
Your maternal grandmother carried a little part of you in her womb. Girls are born with all the eggs they'll ever produce. So, when your grandmother was carrying your mother, your mother was carrying the egg that later grew into you. Pretty. Damn. Cool.
Alexey Guzey
a side-effect of universal peer-review: everybody steals your ideas

in computer science:
^ thread
Jordan Lancaster
Boomers: I heard she went to *looks around nervously* *whispers* ᵀʰᵉʳᵃᵖʸ

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