Best of Twitter - Week of July 22, 2019 (1/2)

Hey, First, the link to Aaron Swartz's theory of change was broken in the previous issue - here's the
Best of Twitter - Week of July 22, 2019 (1/2)
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First, the link to Aaron Swartz’s theory of change was broken in the previous issue - here’s the correct one:
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Visakan Veerasamy
Kotoku Wamura – mocked for worrying about tsunami, validated 25yrs after death

Harry Markopolis, knew what Madoff was doing. Wrote book titled "No One Would Listen"

Barry Marshall, ridiculed for his accurate belief that peptic ulcers caused by bacteria
^ thread
Ben Reinhardt
A good breakdown of the elements that make great disruptive research teams.

h/t to @arbesman

Let me know if you want to see my annotations
Mason 🏃🏻✂️
One thing society needs to get right is not screwing over slow thinkers from day 1. A slow thinker can sometimes generate amazing projects over remarkably short timelines, but deliver "meh" performances on standardized tests that use time pressure to fit scores to a bell curve
^ thread
David Schmitt
Tinder study..."male subjects liked 61.9% of female profiles, female subjects liked only 4.5% of male...findings in line with evolutionary psychology and parental investment theory (Trivers, 1972)" +women like more if he has masters in business/engineering
Erik Torenberg
People often focus on building up their network, but they should also focus on reputation.

Strong rep w/ small network? Can build network fast.

Widely networked w/ poor rep? Funnel w/ leaky bucket. Your network won't work w/ you.

Network is distribution. Reputation is product.
Erik Torenberg
Reputation Ponzi: Building up a rep based on affiliations w/ other impressive people w/ no "there, there"

When two impressive people meet + realize they thought highly of you because they thought the *other* impressive person thought highly of you, but didn't, the bubble bursts!
Jeff Morris Jr.
I hear about a team building "Superhuman for X" almost everyday.

A new category of companies is being built in a space which I call luxury software.

We have luxury goods in our physical lives: cars, fashion, homes.

Luxury software will be built for every tool we use at work.
Rachael Meager
Actually in my experience the first draft of any paper is so terrible that the advisor does not bother with line comments. I only used to get line comments on the 3rd draft or so and considered myself lucky to get them!!
^ my first drafts are frequently terrible - do not get discouraged by this when writing!
Alexander Kruel
"China's outstanding loans to other countries have risen from almost nothing in 2000 to more than $700bn today...Nearly half of China’s lending to developing countries is “hidden”, in that neither the World Bank nor the IMF has data on it."
A reminder that technological change is endogenous! –>
Eli Dourado
Surely one of my followers knows the answer to this: Why have we stalled out in genome sequencing cost reductions since 2015?
Nabeel Qureshi
@danwwang @elidourado Lack of competition -- Illumina dominates this market. The drop since '08 was due to the development of parallel DNA sequencing tech, but there hasn't been a comparable breakthrough since (nanopores are the closest thing but not proven yet).
Nabeel Qureshi
@danwwang @elidourado The original drop wouldn't have happened if the NIH hadn't funded a bunch of risky startups ( -- fascinating), most of which failed, but some of which were critical breakthroughs. Need a comparable effort today.
“Sorry for the reply delay!”
- predictable
- disorganised
- admits fault on your part

“in response to your premature email,”
- brazen
- establishes dominance
- might get fired, giving you more time to work on your series of crime novellas
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