Best of Twitter - Week of August 5, 2019 - google "X reddit"

Best of Twitter - Week of August 5, 2019 - google "X reddit"
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Nabeel Qureshi
More & more frequently, the best way to learn about X is not to google “X” —

Instead, google “X reddit” and then read a few reddit threads.

Google first page is largely just SEO-gamed ad-filled junk.
Caleb Watney
"All right, but apart from the major improvements in supply chain logistics, HD video calling, cloud computing, contactless payments, driverless car + drone R&D, AI research, and the sum of all human knowledge being available in your pocket, what has BigTech ever done for us?"
^ me whenever someone says that progress is slowing down. Also see Gwern’s Ordinary life improvements +
Patrick Collison
Progress is amazing, influenceable, and understudied. @tylercowen and I decided to make the case for Progress Studies:
Daniel May
I don't write a lot, but I'd like to do more of it, so I started off with a list of book (and sneaky paper) recommendations in response to
@patrickc and @tylercowen's recent article
Basil Halperin
"This note examines mobile phone CPIs for 12 countries... Their CPIs vary wildly, ranging from no change (for Japan) to over 20 percent declines per annum (for New Zealand and the UK)" from @tornqvist999
the best writing teacher i’ve had never ever put a grade on her students’ essays

she gave written feedback and allowed us to keep on submitting new versions until she liked it or until we got bored — whichever came first
i think this approach made me way more process-oriented and willing to take risks in my writing. she did away with the arbitrary one-shot-only approach to teaching and gave me a taste of what post-school learning often feels like,

an infinite game of exploration and revision
David Sinclair, PhD AO
Can age be reset? Can eyesight be restored by rewinding the aging clock? A preview of our cellular reprogramming study is now online. Thanks to the brilliant team who made it possible! In awe...
#biorxiv #aging
Visakan Veerasamy
In my experience, editing the language you use to talk about you is one of the highest ROI activities there is. If you straight up ban yourself from talking shit about yourself, you almost start becoming more interesting just so you have something to say
Olaf Hauk
Oh dear. "Eye movements explain decodability during perception and cued attention in MEG",
Kieran Healy
What is the secret to living to be well over 100 years old? It seems that in the US the trick is to have been born just a few years before your state introduced properly documented birth certificates.
Tony Freitas
Grad student at defense: With Ns around 300, not sufficient power for betw-sub interactions, so we didn't pre-reg any.
Committee member: If these Ns aren't enough to detect betw-subj interactions, what about all the effects we've seen being published the last 20 years?
1/ Today I prepared for talking about common mistakes startups make (founding -> growth stages) by writing it in tweet form. I ramble too much when public speaking and hoped it would make the core ideas clearer in my mind and more concise. Think it worked. Here are the tweets
Lionel Page
Striking identical results from different countries: the gender gap in income is primarily driven by motherhood.

In order:
1) Denmark
2) Sweden
3) New-Zealand
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