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Philip Obosi
Philip Obosi
Dear creator,
Earlier this week, I made a public pledge to dedicate my life to solving the problems that plague creators like myself ….. or at least die trying.

Philip The Creator🤍🖤
This is what clarity looks like today. I am in total awe of how a mere experiment is turning into what I’ve taken to be my life’s mission. https://t.co/20slycbyY8
My friends and I have been working tirelessly over the past 4 weeks to build products and experiences that solve some of the major challenges we have faced in our careers as creators. Before teaming up with my friends, I had gone at this idea mostly by myself for nearly 18 months. I called it Creathor. I learnt everything I could about the creator economy, had conversations with other creators to validate my thoughts and ideas, designed several interfaces to prototype experiences that could potentially solve these challenges as well as wrote a ton of code. 
It was such a lonely journey. Honestly, this is something I’m pretty used to at this point. However, I began to reflect on my journey as a creator and how at every point in time, I always felt alone. In the initial stages, it was hard to figure out how to get started. Is there a curriculum to follow? Is there a mentor who could guide me? Who do I listen to? I remember consuming at least 100 courses when I was learning web development. I would watch courses that were teaching things I already knew, over and over again because I worried I may have missed something foundational.
Then time passed, and as I fumbled through this phase, and through unending iterations of trial and error, I began to struggle with finding motivation. People around you tend to be mostly uninterested in the things that make you ache with excitement(yes…it’s a curse). So the question became, where do I find others like me? I needed someone to keep me accountable. I needed collaboration to take me to the next level. I figured my myopia(short-sightedness) in many regards could be corrected over time if I constantly got a sense of the perspective of others and was able to make better decisions drawing from their experiences.
I recall trying to find funding for my first startup idea. It was hard and I cried severally. Everyone seemed to believe in me, just not enough to make a final commitment until I had already built a successful product. They would never fail to complement the project and throw unsolicited advice at me every chance they got. At some point, I started to question myself and the validity of my vision. Am I delusional or is this a real need?
Outside of coding and building products, I have embarked on a number of other creative endeavors. And in every case, whether I was painting, writing poetry, singing, dancing, telling stories, or making documentaries, the realities remained the same. It was a lonely journey, I had to figure out most things for myself, I had little or no guidance, I made costly mistakes, I hardly found people to collaborate with and I could hardly fund my creative process in the way that I’d have loved to. 
This is the creator’s dilemma. It’s a lonely journey being an individual who wants to spend their time bringing things to life. I know this pain. My friends do as well. Every creator I know does. That’s why my friends and I decided it’s something we should try to fix. After having several conversations and filtering through some of our really ridiculous thoughts, we have decided to make this one of the first problems we attempt to solve through Creathor
Starting from next weekend, we will be hosting weekly virtual meetups and workshops for Creators. The idea is to build a community of creators who are mutually invested in the well-being and success of one another in a way that every creator feels supported, has a clearer sense of how and what to learn, has a safe space to evolve freely while being equipped to make more efficient decisions by drawing from the collective experiences of the group.
If this is something that interests you, please sign up to be an inaugural member of the community below.
Join the Creathor Guild
As you go into this week, I hope that you find the strength necessary to get through it. And that you continue to let your creative voice shine through in its truest form. Until I write you again, be patient with yourself, for your best is yet to come. I see you, we all do and if the world hasn’t caught up yet, it definitely will eventually. 
I love you🤍🖤. 
Keep creating!
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Philip Obosi
Philip Obosi @gutsyphilip

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