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A biweekly humor newsletter good enough to eat. Submission guidelines:

A biweekly humor newsletter good enough to eat.

Submission guidelines:

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Issue #6: Don't You Dare Eat Our Tasting Menu

by Matt HusserWelcome, esteemed guests, to the famed Petit Morceau. As hunger is the true spice of life, what better ingredient to highlight in our new 10-course tasting experience? I propose that you allow me to seduce you with a number of playful dishes tha…


Issue #5: The Most Overhyped Meal of All? Man.

by Nick BirgisNestled in Bushwick between a vintage hat shop and a rundown laundromat sits Kän E Ball; the newest venture from celebrity chef and restauranteur Fle Sheater. It is one of the many cannibal dining options one might find in the area, as this fact…


Issue #4: Horny 4 Ramps

By Adam Campbell-SchmittIf you’re experiencing any of these feelings, it could be because you're horny or it could be because it’s ramps season—that short window of the year when those coveted wild leeks emerge in the woods and make a brief appearance at the …


Issue #3: The Great Grape-Nuts Shortage True Crime Documentary

by Catherine Weingarten"Feeling buyer’s remorse for that $100 box of Grape-Nuts? Help is on the way. The maker of the cereal has pledged to reimburse shoppers who paid exorbitant prices for black-market boxes during a months-long supply shortage." NY PostBARB…


Issue #2: FULL-CONTACT Food Delivery

by Adam Campbell-SchmittWe’re back!As you all know from our unfairly suspended (censored!) Facebook page, it wasn’t our decision to shut down Biff’s Bar & Grille. Our wuss governor caved to the liberal media and the hoax virus, forcing us to close our din…


Issue #1: I'm a Pineapple and I Belong on Pizza

by Adam Campbell-SchmittI knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be so cruel.All I want — all I’ve ever wanted since I was a budding bromeliad — is to be on a pizza.But the minute a pineapple like me shows up, there are sneers on half of th…