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By Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta

Thoughts and pointers from a proud generalist powered by radical diversity.

Thoughts and pointers from a proud generalist powered by radical diversity.

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Flow / Fiero > Show your work, collaboratively. [June 2022]

ImpactMarketEvery time someone asks me to show a project where you can see the power of Web3 at the service of a better world, I think — ImpactMarketThey are enabling any vulnerable community to implement alleviation mechanisms. As I write these lines, they h…


Flow / Fiero > Reinventing Yourself [May 2022]

👋 Hey there,What's good on your side? Everything is flowing over here. And it just feels like the perfect timing to write about what has changed in my life over the past two years or so.No, this is not an ego exercise. The trigger to share my experience was b…


Flow / Fiero > Two mental models walk into a bar...

The Map is Not the Territory is a mental model that is so ingrained in me that it immediately pops into my head when I see any representation of reality."The map of reality is not reality. Even the best maps are imperfect. That’s because they are reductions o…


Flow / Fiero > On Purpose [April 2022]

👋 Hey there, After the pandemic reality check, many people are reflecting on their life so far; and how they want to live from now on.As an optimist, I find that beautiful and see it as the seeds for a better world. In fact, discovering that my purpose is hel…


Flow / Fiero > What do you do?

"What do you do?"It’s one of the most common questions people ask when meeting each other for the first time. And in many cases, it’s far from being the best way to engage.The other person can be unemployed, hate what she does, not identify with her job, and …


Flow / Fiero > Kids & Learning

For some of my friends, I'm the learning guy, who knows why...But the thing is, they keep asking for advice related to their kid's education learning journey. They know the education system is broken, but don't know what alternatives are out there.I don't bel…


Flow / Fiero > Innovating in Your Head

I deeply believe that people need to act on their ideas, but that can be done in baby steps.The majority of entrepreneurs that reach out to me looking for advice didn’t do their homework. Their shiny idea blinds them. Sometimes they don’t even google it to ch…


Flow / Fiero > Back in the Game

After helping businesses from an idea on the back of a napkin to fully functional products for many years, I created a service to streamline the process.Idea to Market is a low-risk approach towards innovation — businesses invest at the same pace as they redu…