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-m Microservices in Public and SQL Injection (on IBM)

-m Microservices in Public and SQL Injection (on IBM)
By Guilherme Latrova • Issue #2 • View online
This commit you’re about to review includes some other commits you might enjoy 📰 , more info about the microservice architecture I’m going to build in public 🏗 , why I don’t trust formal education 👨‍🏫 , and lastly, how a flaw in an IBM system led to a SQL Injection attack 💉☠️ .
Oh, I also want to officialize a rebranding of the blog and domain, that now is located under .

Ok, I can’t wait, let me start with the new blog series on the microservices!
💪🧑‍💻 Release: Antifragile Dev Series
Who followed me on Twitter before knew I had a debt with you. I promised that I was going to build a microservice architecture in public:
Gui Latrova
I'm planning to build a whole microservice architecture in public, sharing all decisions and keeping the whole code open source for anyone to give feedback and learn from.

Follow me if you're interested in that kind of stuff!
It took me a few months to decide and finally prepare something for you. I had to think of something that doesn’t take an insane amount of time to build, and that people would feel interested in the challenges.
Also, I wanted to do more than just showing. I wanted you to participate!
I’m calling this series #antifragiledev, and you can find more on the scope and how to participate here:
Restaurant Directory Listing - Call for Proposal
↕️ Commits
Formal Education is Dead
How SQL Injection attack works 💉🔓
🎨 Rebranding
I decided to move to . Since I started this blog with no expectations it grew more than I could expect, and I believe this renaming makes sense to keep things simpler and easier to remember.
New emails should come from the address, so ensure to have this email in your contact list to avoid missing new issues!
↩️ Merge Commits
A section dedicated to content from other sources that I think you might enjoy in the spirit of open source and microservices:
Have you ever imagined how a full notification infrastructure looks like? Well, check it out!
The same concept of microservices can be applied to frontend applications, this short article gives some examples.
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