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-m How hard is to create content, some Kubernetes, and Python Logging

-m How hard is to create content, some Kubernetes, and Python Logging
By Guilherme Latrova • Issue #1 • View online
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This commit you’re about to review includes some other commits you might enjoy, I share all my struggles on writing and working full-time ✍️, some greek technology 🏛, “Python like a PRO” became a series 🍿, some dinosaur updates 🦖✨, and a secret… 🤫.

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Kubernetes made simple
Python Like a PRO Series 🐍
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Rodrigo 🐍📝
Did you know that Python 🐍's sets are very appropriate for fast 🔥 membership checking?

If you look 👇, you can see that checking if something is in a set is MUCH faster than in the list as the element goes further down the list...

And the example below only has 10 elements!
git push
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