🔥🔥 This week's JavaScript resources - issue 10





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🔥🔥 This week's JavaScript resources - issue 10
By JavaScript Hub • Issue #10 • View online
Hi there! 
Hope you’re having a great week! I just published a new article on Medium: “4 Reasons you should try out GraphQL today”.
The article explains the advantages of GraphQL versus a traditional RESTful API approach. I’ll also show you the basics of GraphQL with some code examples.
Let me know what you think of it by sending me a tweet. 🐥🐥
Best from The Netherlands,Guido Schmitz@guidsen

Immutable User Interfaces
The Single Biggest Mistake Programmers Make Every Day
jQuery 3.0 Release Candidate
A human-friendly standard for Flux action objects
Rozu - A Webhook server
Building SVG Maps with React
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