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⚡️⚡️ React Rally, Functional Programming & React-Native
By JavaScript Hub • Issue #11 • View online
Hi all, 
I’ve been a little inactive for a while because of some big things that are going on in the startup I work at. So I haven’t got the time to deliver you great content.
Since the subscribers list grew a lot recently I’m trying to be consistent again to deliver you great JavaScript content every week.
Last week there was a two day React conference called React Rally.You can watch the live streams right here: day 1 - day 2.
Recently I published a cool Medium post where I share some of the benefits of using Test Driven Development.

Dive into React Native performance
8 Awesome React-Native Starter Kits
getify/functional-light-js: A book about functional programming in JavaScript
Move Fast and Don’t Break Things
Functional and Immutable Design Patterns in JavaScript
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