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Observables, Starting Tips, DraftJS and more - Issue #2

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Observables, Starting Tips, DraftJS and more - Issue #2
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Hey there! 
Is it Thursday already? Yes it is! Time for some new and great JavaScript content straight into your mailbox.This week I’ve decided to switch up the layout into two headlines: “Useful links” and “Libraries”.
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Have fun reading,

Useful links
13 Tips that Could Save You Years of Effort 🔥 🔥
Introduction to Immutable.js and Functional Programming Concepts
Hot vs Cold Observables 🔥 ⛄️
Arrow functions vs. bind()
How is JavaScript asynchronous AND single threaded? 💫
What the heck is the event loop anyway? 🔄
Alex - Catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing
DraftJS-Plugins - React components for DraftJS 📝
Benchmark.js - A benchmarking library 🚀🚀
Spectacle - ReactJS based Presentation Library
The-super-tiny-compiler - Possibly the smallest compiler ever 😎😎
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