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India, China & the US, Clean Energy, Shimon Peres & more

Hi Folks, I continue to experiment with this service. Feel free to write back to me with comments. Wa

Guy Spier

October 1 · Issue #3 · View online
I'm an investor and the author of a book. This newsletter documents my ongoing search for wealth, wisdom and enlightenment.

Hi Folks, I continue to experiment with this service. Feel free to write back to me with comments. Warmly, Guy

Clean Energy
Bloomberg New Energy Finance Global Summit 2016: Michael Liebreich on the State of the Industry
Self-Driving Cars
Here is some of what I learned regarding technological progress in the automobile industry  (mainly from a couple of McKinsey reports) 
  • Car connectivity is increasing at a very high sped.
  • The share of customers willing to switch their car brand for better connectivity has almost doubled.
  • Chinese customers are particularly enthusiastic about connected cars.
  • Connectivity and autonomous driving will likely create a multitude of new business models & monetization opportunities. 
  • Driving-related applications have a higher purchase relevance than driving-unrelated ones. To reach this today’s industry landscape of single (OEM) competitors will evolve towards a play of competing ecosystems.
  • Tremendous opportunities are emerging for those who adapt to the new playing field.
Who will the winners be? I have my thoughts, but email me if you think you know. 
Once AV’s become the norm:
  • Up to 50 minutes per day could be freed up for each of us by riding AV’s.
  • Up to 5.7 billion square meters of parking space could be freed up in the US by AV’s: That’s an area as big as the Grand Canyon National Park & Zion Park combined.
  • AV’s will decrease the risk of crashes - saving $180 - $190 billion & potentially hollowing out the auto insurance industry.
The Dangers of ‘Self-Driving’ Car Hype
The Looming Threat to Uber’s Plan for World Domination | Vanity Fair
Tesla's Model 3 Pre-Orders in Perspective
Shimon Peres
A gratifying number of world leaders attended Shimon Peres’ funeral - including Barack Obama, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson and Prince Charles.
It was particularly endearing that Barack Obama likened Shimon Peres Nelson Mandela.
Former Israeli President Shimon Peres Goes Job Hunting
Shimon Peres: 1923-2016 - Video -
Peres bombshell: I stopped an Israeli strike on Iran
India, China and the United States
This Brave New World by Anja Manuel is a phenomenal book. 
Anja's interview with Charlie Rose
And after Charlie Rose interviewed her, I got to speak with her on a YPO Global Conference Call 
Con Man Don
Jerry Springer: Trump's Reality TV Speak Made his Rise 'Inevitable'
Jerry Springer on Twitter: "Hillary Clinton belongs in the White House. Donald Trump belongs on my show."
My Temperament
Hillary-Hatred Derangement Syndrome
Nassim Taleb: The Most Intolerant Wins
I have enjoyed all of Nassim Taleb’s books - especially Fooled by Randomness. And I have had the privilege of meeting him on a few occasions. Similar to the way I imagine Richard Wagner, I enjoy Nassim Taleb’s work more than the person. 

Now he seems to be writing a new book via Medium. Here is one of the chapters.
The Dictatorship of the Small Minority
Religion is a product of evolution, software suggests
The Best and the Worst of Zurich
The Craziest Reason to visit Zurich
But this ad - that is all over Zurich sucks…(IMHO)
Coaches & Self - Help
Dorie Clark: 5 Ways to Say No to a Networking Request
Napping Can’t Replace a Good Night’s Rest
Be your Extraordinary Self
Holiday Card
I would like to be able to send you a holiday card by postal mail later this year and want to make sure we have the right address.
Stay in touch
Central Park
The View from Bill Ackman's office
The View from Bill Ackman's office
Zurich Seeuberquerung
Swimming across Lake Zurich
Swimming across Lake Zurich
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