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News and insights for the creative community from Greenlit, the crowdfunding platform dedicated to filmmakers, musicians, and theatremakers.

News and insights for the creative community from Greenlit, the crowdfunding platform dedicated to filmmakers, musicians, and theatremakers.

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How do you stand out in a crowded festival?

Chloé Nelkin leads Chloé Nelkin Consulting (CNC), a PR and marketing agency for the arts. Prior to establishing CNC, Chloé studied History of Art at The Courtauld Institute of Art graduating with undergraduate and Masters degrees; she now sits on their alumni…


Partners in Horror

Alix & Keir met 10 years ago and have been making films together ever since. They are currently campaigning to raise funds for their horror feature, KILL YOUR LOVER.You've been filmmaking and life partners for nearly a decade now. How did it all begin? AL…


The impact of documentaries

Emily has had several years’ experience as a wildlife presenter, filmmaker and vlogger for various conservation organisations, including the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Rivers Trust and the Westcountry Rivers Trust. In 2021, Emily founded and began a wildlife vl…


Creativity + Business Skills = Career Success

At Greenlit, we pride ourselves on the training and support we give our creatives. Greenlit U is our specialised online programme designed turn artists into entrepreneurs. We're delighted to announce our next series of sessions. Sign up to watch live and part…


The power of animated filmmaking

Tell us about your film Betty's Dream.Betty's Dream is a story that centres around a girl named Betty and her brother, Sami, who has a severe disability — but also the power to control his sister's dreams. Once Betty enters Sami’s magical inner world, their b…


Turning artists into entrepreneurs

For the past two years, the team at Greenlit has worked with hundreds of creatives to find their audience and secure funding for their projects. We've had the privilege to work with creatives of every genre and form, from first-time filmmakers to established …


A greener entertainment industry

Alfie Knight is a campaign organiser with Film Strike for Climate, a grassroots movement of filmmakers that aspires to make socio-ecological impacts just as valued as audience ratings. He has worked on the productions of indie films and major television serie…


How is theatre bouncing back?

The London Playwrights' Workshop is a non-profit company which offers workshops, courses, mentoring and many other resources to emerging playwrights. Kimberley, tell us a bit about yourself. How did you start London Playwrights Workshop? I started London Play…


How have streamers changed documentary filmmaking?

Cine Circle Networking Event in LondonJoin our friends at Cine Circle, as well as Greenlit's Peter Storey and Magdalena Herfurtner, to meet and network with like-minded filmmakers, actors, film financiers and indie-film marketing specialists. Tickets availabl…


What does queer filmmaking look like today?

Lesflicks is an online platform dedicated to lesbian film, featuring a video-on-demand channel exclusively for short and feature films with lesbian or bisexual storylines, along with database to promote existing films and a safe and inclusive online community…


How is Crowdfunding Changing?

Let’s start at the beginning. You began your career working on film sets. What drew you from that to the world of creative crowdfunding?Peter: My first career was as a gaffer, working on all kinds of film sets, large and small. What I loved most was the camar…


Crowdfunding Success Secrets

We’re sticking with the fundamentals for this first newsletter: how do you make sure your crowdfunding campaign is a success?We asked creatives behind three recent Greenlit campaigns to share how they met their fundraising targets.Angus Castle-Doughty is a Lo…