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Save it for the Birds- Issue #35


Education Hunt

May 17 · Issue #35 · View online
Hi, I'm Sam. I love technology, especially the kind I can use in class. In fact, I love technology even if it isn't for class. I keep a list of resources. They're hand-picked by me, Sam.

“Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.”- W. Stevens
If you don’t have a lake handy, maybe a lap or two around your campus will do. Want to be the black sheep? Exercise patience while your lunch crew is pushing frustration. This season has a rap sheet a mile long, notorious for short tempers and aggravation. 
This week take a walk around the lake with two new resources. Explore the art of wondering. Discover a resource or two that’s worthy of sharing with the lunch crew.    

Education Hunt
Project and a Podcast?
Project and a Podcast?
Unfiltered News
                                      How to Super Charge Current Events
Explore news spatially. Gain perspective without losing sight of your lesson. Consider it your portal. Transporting you to relevant stories not covered in your country.
Comparing coverage on related topics is super simple. Data visualizations provide multiple perspectives. Stop telling and start showing 3rd period how media coverage varies based on location. Students engage stories on a global scale, quickly learning media molds popular opinion.
It’s all connected. Stop yammering about challenges of teaching the big picture. Show them using the Timeline Feature. Revisit Headlines from the ghost of recent past. Exploring headlines on a timeline adds a dimension previously too difficult for your 90-minute block. Try searching “Donald Trump”, that provides a nice illustration. 
                                                                       Search Donald Trump

Data visualization shows who is saying what. Adjust the timeline feature. Headlines in the United States focused coverage on Trump’s clever hacking of the media, increasing his exposure during the primary. Try visiting Egypt’s headlines. Different treatment of the same topic, Donald Trump. 
It’s on you to guide students. Consider impact, and the reality of how media covers similar topics differently. Powerful stuff folks. Kick the tires and take out for a test drive.  Let us know what you think on Twitter.
In Space We Trust
In Space We Trust — the art-project about space exploration
Space Dogs
Space Dogs
                                        SPACE DOGS, and Cats, and Rats…
2 Dogs, 2 Rats and 40 mice. Belka and Strelka were the first dogs in orbit returning to earth alive on Sputnik 5. That’s a lead in worthy of greater exploration. Balancing design and details the website makes exploring space feel good.  
Walk across the plane, controlling a child explorer. He’s wearing a space helmet, shorts, and sneakers. Drop out the bottom of the screen using your controls, time traveling as a child cosmonaut. Click pictures and shuttle nuggets of information ready for your consumption. In space we trust satisfies the mid-day craving for learning.
A brilliant midday break. Be careful, time slipped through my fingers while poking around on this site. Come see for yourself, then share with a friend. Be sure to remind them that you found this little gem on Education Hunt. 
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