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Education Hunt - Issue #41


Education Hunt

February 22 · Issue #41 · View online
Hi, I'm Sam. I love technology, especially the kind I can use in class. In fact, I love technology even if it isn't for class. I keep a list of resources. They're hand-picked by me, Sam.

“People do not follow robots.” J Willink
Truth. Thoughtful application of a resource may make it easier for people to follow your lead, though there is no magic ticket. 
This week discover 3 gems, resources that help to clearly communicate your intent. Dig a little deeper for a Golden Easter Egg. 
This week an offer for the rank and file of Education Hunt. Sharechat is offering free forever accounts for Education Hunt Readers. A solid gesture from the crew with Sharechat. Sharechat makes sharing content and connecting with your team super simple.  
Check out the review below, be sure to snag the offer while it is on the table. 

The difference between simple and easy is a thousand miles wide. Communication is a simple concept. If you’re team is more than two adults, communicating effectively isn’t easy. It’s not always what we share, it’s how we share. School communication platforms are notorious for jamming up the communication process.
Sharechat sheds light on communication dilemmas we all face. If your primary file sharing method is email shame on you. At best you’re standing in your own light. At worst, you’re pushing your team into the dark.
Sharechat makes file sharing and chatting with teammates, simple and easy. An uncommon compliment for a crowded field in file sharing services. Upload files, create a channel, share with your team. Boom. Communication simplified.
Sharechat has some ridiculous benefits too. Transfer files up to 5g. Users receive unlimited file storage, for free. Keeping it classy, Sharechat allows users to chat with your crew. That means you may upload PDFs, MP3S, MP4S, or just about any type of file you need extra eyes on. With unlimited storage, you’ll have time to settle in and decide how to best implement.

Unlimited storage, share up to 5g per file and unlimited files, with the power to chat with your crew.
Sharechat outperforms the usual suspects of file sharing services, #slack and hipchat. I uploaded 9 high-resolution photos to my Education Hunt file folder on Sharechat, something I couldn’t do with the other guys. Sharechat is no slow poke either. Uploads were super swift. No wasting time uploading multiple files.
Sharechat is updating their design and onboarding process. Right now is a perfect time to cruise over and kick the tires, take a test drive. Sign up today, for a limited time Education Hunt users receive free forever accounts.
Sharing file folders, channel creations, and upcoming improvements to an already solid user design make Sharechat the best thing about your Wednesday. 
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