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Education Hunt - Issue #29


Education Hunt

January 19 · Issue #29 · View online
Hi, I'm Sam. I love technology, especially the kind I can use in class. In fact, I love technology even if it isn't for class. I keep a list of resources. They're hand-picked by me, Sam.

What a week to kick off a new year. Ziggy Stardusk no more. Back to school, and 2016 is officially in full swing. 
I had my own trials as well. Early in the week, I had an important meeting. The kind that involves a boss and their boss, and a few others at the table. People I’ve seen before, but if pressed I’d be a liar if I told you I knew their names. I prepared to crush at the meeting. Researching, recording notes, analyzing data. The usual shopping list for successful encounters. 
Maybe it was Bowie. Maybe it was my son, waking no less than seven times the night before. I walked straight out of my house, into a meeting. The problem? I left my notebook at home. I can’t do anything the easy way. 
Good fortune smiled on me that morning. For fun, I used Nuggets, a Chrome extension when reviewing this issue. Nuggets pulled a Peyton Manning, coming off the bench, saving the day. 

Nuggets - Remember everything you learn
 I can remember like it was last Tuesday. Growing up as a five-year-old in Norfolk, Virginia. My best friend was Bubba. He was missing his front teeth. He had curly brown hair. 
We played Pro Wrestling on his Nintendo in the afternoon, right before the sun set. The Nintendo was set up in his parents single car garage. Bubba and I played Nintendo on a 13 inch black and white Zennith. King Slender was my first pick, he looked like the Nature Boy Rick Flair. 
Before going to bed, we would catch fire flies. Trying to catch as many lighting bugs as possible before our mom’s opened the screen door, hollering for us to come in. We’d throw our bugs in a cup, wrap it up nice and tight putting tin foil on top. Bubba and I were masters of lighting bug collection.
On my dresser was a PowerTronic walkie talkie. Remember those? The ones with the blue and red buttons. On the front display was a cheat sheet for Morse code. Bubba and I would radio each other before going to sleep. Inferior to my Htc One M9 in brut technology; yet superior serving a single purpose. Connecting my friend and I. 
Tribe is your 2016 PowerTronic Walkie Talkie. I downloaded Tribe a couple weeks ago. Classic Sam move, I send my friend an invite for the app at 11:13 pm on Christmas Eve. I also made my wife download Tribe.
Record quick video messages, send them to your friends. Tribe is a digital walkie-talkie. Tribe feels familiar. Reminding me of my PowerTronic, Bubba, and that 13 inch Zennith. 
Tribe works well enough. Just like the old PowerTronic, its a blast to use. 30 years prettier and cooler than my old walkie, Tribe will dial you into your crew.  Download Tribe, connect with your friends, let us know what you think. 

Do Me a Solid
Drop me a line. I’m not picky with my social media. Hit me up on Twitter, or send me an email. I’d like to know what you think about Education Hunt. Like it or hate it, I always like hearing from you. 
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