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Better Than 1000 - Issue #3

Of all the resources we are given, time is the most precious. I'm humbled by those who choose to retu

Education Hunt

June 23 · Issue #3 · View online
Hi, I'm Sam. I love technology, especially the kind I can use in class. In fact, I love technology even if it isn't for class. I keep a list of resources. They're hand-picked by me, Sam.

Of all the resources we are given, time is the most precious. I’m humbled by those who choose to return and pleased to welcome those who have joined since issue #2.

Why am I doing this? Simple. I love our profession, Education. My goal is for you to spend less time searching for resources. Issue #3 discover new ways to get things done. Invest 45 seconds and read on.

Break Down the Walls
Proper Channel
Proper Channel is a path to get things done. The educational equivalent of the Tesseract from “The Avengers”. A source of unending knowledge and potential power.
Users create and display beautiful flow charts with detailed information. Share wisdom by distributing URL links or by posting to social media. Gain perspective by tapping into collective know-how. Explore charts tagged with keywords and success ratings, or browse through curated content (soon to be added).
Admission of what is unknown is an invitation to discovery. It’s essential for those in charge to be honest when an answer is unknown, should improvement upon the status quo be a goal. As a leader in your building, facilitate improved communication using Proper Channel. Distribute access to the known while promoting a process of discovery.
Admittedly there are multiple platforms available for users to share information. Proper Channel stands unmatched as a way to get things done. Incorporating a process that promotes transparency and values discovery. The next time you end a series of questions with “I don’t know”, accept the invitation to explore. Use Proper Channel to document your journey, start sharing your knowledge with others.
Attack of the Killer Tomoates
Build it out
Share Out
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