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A Time for Inconvenience - Issue #37


Education Hunt

August 25 · Issue #37 · View online
Hi, I'm Sam. I love technology, especially the kind I can use in class. In fact, I love technology even if it isn't for class. I keep a list of resources. They're hand-picked by me, Sam.

Teachers don’t simply dabble in Generous Orthodoxy. We live it. Spinning plates is in our genetics. Balancing demands of tradition while honoring contemporary expectations. Not easy work. 
For the record, technology can’t replace an effective instructor. Technology can heap a pile of rewards unto those who find ways to effectively balance traditional instruction with mediums that accelerate connectivity. We’re all searching for ways to help students make relevant connections.
Connecting made easy this week. Plus one for fun. If you like what Education Hunt has been brewing, show some love and buy me a cup of Coffee.  I expect nothing and appreciate everything. 

Share the moments that matter
Share the moments that matter
Accelerating engagement is on everyone’s’ to-do list. An action item you can’t afford to dismiss. Slapping up a Youtube video isn’t increasing engagement for anyone. Remember the last Youtube video you tried sharing? Recalling the precise point in a 47-minute clip, impatiently waiting for a buffering video of Ms. Teen South Carolina. Frustrating for everyone involved. Content Overload. 
Balancing contemporary with classic doesn’t require a security summit. Vibby is your digital ambassador, bridging an unspoken divide between traditional and contemporary. An instructional tool high on utility without compromising on values.
Use Video to Help Folks Out
Illustrating concepts in multiple mediums helps folks understand. Displaying information using video with highlights that are concise, helps folks understand better. 
The learning curve is flat. 3 steps to better video
The learning curve is flat. 3 steps to better video
Share what matters most
Share what matters most
Why are we watching this?
Clip and share the moments which matter most. Guide students, capturing their attention using short bursts of relevant video. Establishing context of why you are watching a clip is no longer a 6-foot hurdle to clear. Vibby elevates your video game to the next level, allowing users to insert comments.
Vibby promotes discussion too. The commenting feature allows students to engage with shared content. Talking points migrate beyond the vanilla mason walls of your classroom.
Share Out
Another solid feature, sharing. Once you create your first Vibby, you will need to decide how to share out. Create a collection, or share the url. Provide options. Making it easy for students to interact with content, cross that off your to-do list. 
 Try Vibby the next time you plan on sharing an awesome video. Let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook #educationhunt.
Verses – Verses (beta)
2016 Make Me Pulse
Cup of Joe
I’m game to try new things. Education Hunt was born of trying something new. If you like Education Hunt, share with your pal. Introduce your co-worker to something new. 
If you love Education Hunt, buy me a cup of Coffee. Money raised will support my caffeine habit. It also helps to raise funds for production costs.
 I’d like to get some Education Hunt gear out to you guys. Nothing high class, but something worthy of rocking with pride. Tshirts, stickers, and swag. I expect nothing but appreciate everything. Kind words and contributions alike. 
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