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Grant's Newsletter (Week 1, Antifragile, Education)

Hello all,
Hope you’re having a great week! Some things I’m thinking about this week:

1. 1729 Writers Week 1
This week was the first week of 1729 Writers. 
Grant 🌐 🏗
Today is the first day of 1729 Writers - a writing cohort @Matt_Harder and I have been organizing for the past few weeks.

1729 Writers: Write 6 Essays in 6 Weeks. 1500 words or less. Post essays publicly every Tuesday.

Learn more from Matt's essay linked below:
In the first week, writers from 1729 Writers wrote 13 essays covering everything from transhumanism to network states to the media.
Grant 🌐 🏗
1729 Writers Week 1: 13 essays covering everything from the media to network states to transhumanism.

Thread of all essays:
For the next 5 weeks, we’ll be continuing to explore similar topics. You can follow more closely with our Twitter account @1729writers.
2. How to Become An Antifragile Writer
Nassim Taleb coined the word antifragile. Something that is antifragile grows stronger when a stress is applied.
Babies are antifragile. When exposed to the harsh realities of the world, babies learn from the stresses of the environment and grow stronger. A baby has to fall many times before gaining the strength to walk. 
Writers should strive to be antifragile. An antifragile writer exposes themselves to the reality of the world, gets feedback, learns, and grows stronger. 
Some ways to become an antifragile writer: 
Avoid Perfection: expose imperfect writing to the marketplace of ideas (the internet) and get feedback
Publish Quickly: increase your publishing cadence to apply more stress to your writing and thinking
Crawl Before You Walk: you won’t be an expert on your writing topic on the first essay. Be comfortable learning in public and making mistakes
3. Education and The Changing World Order 🌐
This week, I wrote about the importance of online education in the changing world order.
I make the argument that education for the decentralized, global internet will be critical to its rise. 
Read more:
Education And The Changing World Order - Grant's Writing
Thank you for reading!
Have a great weekend and talk to you next week.
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