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Grant's Newsletter (Upside, Schelling, Business Writing)

Happy Friday from NYC 🗽
Here are a few things I’m thinking about this week:

1. Asymmetric Opportunity
This week, I wrote about writing as your asymmetric opportunity. An opportunity with an asymmetric upside has a small downside risk but a large upside potential.
Here are the 3 ways to make writing your asymmetric opportunity:
1. Write what you love until you love to write.
Become more comfortable writing by writing about low-hanging fruit topics you’re knowledgeable and interested in.
2. Become An Antifragile Writer.
To become an antifragile writer, your goal is to more frequently expose more of your writing to the stresses of the real world.
3. Do Things That Don’t Scale.
Business writing is primarily an asymmetric opportunity because of the people you meet through your writing. Manually reach out to people and share your work.
Writing Is Your Asymmetric Opportunity - Grant's Writing
2. Schelling Point
It’s Day 4 of The Tech Progressive’s 3rd Cohort.
Ngurah (Nura) Linggih was the first daily writing champion with the essay below on Schelling points.
“Schelling Point is the most obvious selection, chosen by default, without any communication. It is a focal point for people with the same intention to gather without coordinating.”
Ngurah’s post focuses on web3 as a digital Schelling Point.
3. Business Writing
Business writing is the umbrella term for writing used to communicate in a professional setting.
When I think of business writing:
  • I think of an early-stage founder writing a blog post to summarize a new product release.
  • I think of a VP writing an internal email to align her team before a tight deadline.
  • I think of a scrappy salesperson writing a cold email to land a new client. 
  • I think of a public company CEO writing a shareholder letter.
  • I think of a college student creating a professional blog that they plan to leverage to network their way into a role they love.
I’m designing Taptive writing cohorts with business writing in mind.
Thank you for reading!
Have a great weekend and talk to you next week.
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