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Good morning and happy Friday!
Here are a few things I’m thinking about this week:

1. The Tech Progressive Cohort #3
Today starts the onboarding for The Tech Progressive’s 3rd Cohort.
Every cohort I run, I learn something new about the best ways to design a cohort. While the general structure of TTP3 will be the same (7 Days, 7 Essays, 500 Words Each), we’ve made a few improvements.
First, we’re improving the onboarding with a survey and more thorough introductions in the Discord channel.
Also, we’ve continued to add content around writing improvement to support people through the writing journey.
(By the way, it’s not too late to join yourself! Enter your email on our site!)
Where technological progressives write.
2. Business Writing Quick Tips
I’ve found that I often repeat a few pieces of feedback when people are going through our cohorts.
1️⃣ Make your writing easier to read
• Keep your paragraphs short and avoid walls of text
• Use descriptive headers that prepare the reader for the section
• Use bullets and lists
2️⃣ Use the intro and conclusion to summarize the main point
Business writing is all about clarity. Highlight the “So What” in the introduction. Then, reiterate it in the conclusion. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself.
3️⃣ Write Less
When in doubt, shorten your post. Again, clarity is everything. Challenge yourself to get to the point in less than 1000 words. Take advantage of footnotes or links to sources to cut back on words.
3. Why So Serious
Katherine Boyle is a General Partner at a16z. She writes about American Dynamism. From a16z’s website:
The American Dynamism practice invests in founders and companies that support the national interest, including but not limited to aerospace, defense, education, housing, transportation, public safety, supply chain, industrials, and manufacturing.
This essay focuses on seriousness. Boyle argues that Americans should get more serious and focus on the big, important issues facing our country. She argues that we should focus on building.
The Case for American Seriousness - by Katherine Boyle
Thank you for reading!
Have a great weekend and talk to you next week.
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3 things I've been thinking about this week. Published every Friday. Mostly covering education, business, tech, and updates on what I'm working on.

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