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Grant's Newsletter (Stubborn, Maze, Portfolios)

Hello all!
Welcome to the latest iteration of my newsletter. The content of this newsletter will be similar to what you’ve received in the past. However, the goal with this rebrand is to provide more flexibility with what I share.
Some things to expect in this newsletter: my thoughts on business, technology, and education based on content I find across the internet, business updates, and general musings from the week.
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Ok let’s get into it.

1. Stubborn
There has been plenty of drama in the business world this week surrounding Peloton and their new CEO, Barry McCarthy. I read this internal email, and Barry’s first business principle stuck out to me, “Be stubborn on vision, flexible on details.”
As I’ve built MyMBA and transitioned to new versions of the company (more below!), I’ve embraced this philosophy.
My vision is to use technology to create more high-quality, accessible educational experiences. Details like the name, the branding, or the number of weeks in a cohort matter far less than getting closer to fulfilling this vision.
Check out Barry’s internal email to employees and his other 9 management philosophies (also, it’s a great example of strong business writing).
2. Idea Maze
I wrote about my story of using lessons learned from MyMBA to build The Tech Progressive.
I can summarize the post below in four bullet points:
  • Building a company is not about one big idea. Rather, it’s about making countless smaller decisions to lead the company down the correct path (navigating the idea maze)
  • We learned from interviewing MyMBA Members that people benefited most from writing and connecting with others
  • We learned that there was significant interest in learning and exploring “tech progressive” ideas
  • The Tech Progressive combined these two learnings to focus on writing (7 Days, 7 Essays, 500 words each) and the tech progressive community
I will be providing updates in the coming weeks about how I am thinking about the future of MyMBA and The Tech Progressive.
The Idea Maze: How MyMBA Helped Build The Tech Progressive
3. Credentials
I’ve been thinking about credentials since I started building in the education space. I sent out this tweet this week, which led to some thoughtful discussions.
Grant 🌐 🏗
The 4-year degree credential won’t survive. It’s too rigid.

Future credentials will be more flexible. Different skills require different ways of showing expertise
This is a nuanced topic. My general thoughts are as follows.
If Sahil Lavingia is directionally correct with the idea he presents in this video/tweet, “Prototype > portfolio > resume > degree” and portfolios include writing, then helping people to build their writing portfolios creates value. 📺
"Prototype > portfolio > resume > degree" - @shl

Are resumes still relevant in 2021?
Thank you for reading!
Have a great weekend and talk soon.
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