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Happy Friday from NYC 🗽
Here are 3 things I’m thinking about this week.

1. The Publishing Process
Last week, I wrote a post about The Publishing Process. The Publishing Process is a simple framework to separate the writing process into 4 steps.
I’ve received positive feedback on versions of The Publishing Process over the past year while running Taptive cohorts.
Here are the 4 steps:
🔮 Topic Selection
The Topic Selection step sets in motion the remainder of the process. The name speaks for itself. During this step, choose a topic for your post.
🚄 Bullet Draft
The objective of the Bullet Draft is to get your ideas on “paper.” Aim to write between 5 and 20 bullets to outline your essay.
☑️ Vision Draft
The objective of the Vision Draft is to clean up the Bullet Draft and fill in the gaps with additional clarity.
🎯Clarity Draft
The objective of the Clarity Draft is to edit your post with an emphasis on clarity. The Clarity Draft is the most important and difficult step of The Publishing Process.
Read the full process here ⬇️
2. 150+ Essays
This week, we finished another successful cohort of The Tech Progressive.
Check out the Daily Writing Champions from the cohort.
🥇 The Daily Writing Champions:
Also, we’ve compiled 150+ published essays from The Tech Progressive. Read them here.
3. Elevate Your Community With Taptive
Taptive helps writers write by running cohort-based writing programs for companies and communities.
You should have a Taptive writing program operate in your community for 3 reasons:
🤝 Strengthen community
  • Our programs help people in your community to interact and build deeper connections
📈 Level up your people
  • Through writing, your community will learn about topics of interest, and they will become better communicators
🚀 Elevate your community’s brand
  • By helping people in your community publish, you will amplify the authentic voice of your community
Thank you for reading!
Have a great weekend and talk to you next week.
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