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Happy Friday!
Here are three things I’ve been thinking about this week:

1. Proposal
This week, I wrote about a proposal that I wrote for BanklessDAO.
I had never worked with a DAO before, and the experience has been fascinating—they are organized and effective.
To run the Taptive cohort, I submitted a proposal for a vote.
I shared some of the proposal in this post.
BanklessDAO Writers Genesis Cohort Proposal
2. AI and Writing
AI is scary.
But, the worst thing you can do when a new technology arrives is to think of reasons why the technology will not impact the world. 
We’re already seeing the impact of AI on writing.
But, my approach is to embrace the power of AI as a tool to help writers.
Just like any technology, AI will help people to be more effective and efficient.
There are tools like Grammarly, Copy.AI, and Jasper that can leverage the power of AI to improve writing ability.
Like cars or computers, AI will help people do more.
(The tweet below is a question I asked an AI tool called GTP-3)
How can writers use AI to help them write?

Inspired by @TaraLifBaum (tweet below)
3. ABC123 Copywriting
During a live meetup for the Great Founders Write Cohort, Ben shared his copywriting framework called ABC123.
While building Taptive, I’ve learned the importance of copywriting.
For every cohort, I create a simple landing page that quickly grabs people’s attention and shows them why they should join the cohort.
I’m working to understand how to improve my copywriting. Ben’s framework is helpful:
Ben Putano 📚
Copywriting framework designed just for founders 👇

A - Attention
B - BIG change
C - "Why should I CARE?"
1 - Solution
2 - "Why YOU?"
3 - Urgency

Know your ABC123’s.

Here's a quick lesson on each step (with examples):
Thank you for reading!
Have a great weekend and talk to you next week.
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