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Hey everyone,
Hope you had a great week ✨
I’ll be in San Diego next week for the ASU+GSV education conference. I’m hoping to meet with some education founders and investors. I’d love to meet up if you/anyone you know will be there!
Here are a few things I’m thinking about this week:

We’re now on Week 6 of 6 for 1729 Writers Cohort #1. One of our initiatives during 1729 Writers was to build a content aggregator to showcase our writing.
With Matt Harder leading the charge, we built out It’s looking like the perfect platform given our objectives.
Click the link below to check it out and subscribe for weekly updates.
1729 Writers and the Creation of Culture
2. The Tech Progressive Cohort #3
The Tech Progressive’s 3rd cohort starts April 25th!
The Tech Progressive is the best way to start writing with support from a group of people who are passionate about technological progress.
Join our community and publish a new technologically progressive essay every day for 7 days. Limit each essay to 500 words. Publish to Twitter, Substack, and Discord.
Where technological progressives write.
3. Multiple Worlds
I published a post this week about Mark Zuckerberg’s view of the future.
This was one of my favorite essays to write in a while, and it helped me to further understand where I think the next decade of the internet is going.
In short, we’re moving more of our lives and identities online.
As I’m building Taptive, I’m keeping these major trends in mind and thinking about how our writing programs support this macro trend.
Zuckerberg's Bet on Digital Worlds - Grant's Writing
Thank you for reading!
Have a great weekend and talk to you next week.
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