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Happy Friday!
Here are three things I’ve been thinking about this week:

1. New Taptive Website
The new Taptive website is live. It’s a pretty simple website, but I’m happy with it.
I plan to keep adding to the site - especially the “How It Works” section. As we run more cohorts, we’re starting to standardize the process. With this, we’ll be able to share more about how a standard Taptive cohort works.
I’m most proud of the testimonial section at the bottom. Check it out! (Also, please let me know if you have any feedback).
2. Great Founders Write Cohort #1
I’m working with Ben Putano, Author of Great Founders Write, to run a writing cohort called Great Founders Write.
From the website:
It’s a 4-week writing cohort for entrepreneurs who want to win more customers and grow their businesses.
Learn to write persuasive copy, inspiring stories, engaging emails, and content that cuts through the noise.
Publish a new 1000-word essay every week to put your learning into action.
All with the power of a community of founders behind you.
This cohort is open to you! Want to join?
Check out the website and enroll by June 10th for $89.
Great Founders Write
3. Experiments
One of my favorite learnings from my experience in the Transcend Network Fellowship was the operationalization of experimentation.
I intuitively understood that you should be running experiments while building a company.
But, Transcend taught me to be more operational with the process. I’ve been conducting these experiments for a few weeks now with the help of a product manager, and it’s been a great experience.
I brought on a part-time product manager to manage one specific task: experiments.

Our goal is to run 5 experiments a week on product, sales, monetization, positioning, etc.

Each week, we assess the results of the experiments, learnings, actions, and new experiments to run
Thank you for reading!
Have a great weekend and talk to you next week.
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