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Hey everyone,
Happy Friday! Here are a few things I’m thinking about this week:

1. Media Bias
We’re now halfway done with 1729 Writers Cohort #1. It’s been a blast, and it’s gone better than I could have ever expected.
This week, we had a feedback meeting and got to chat with others about our writing.
I chatted with Camellia who was our Week 2 Writing Champion.
Check out her great essay on media bias.
Camellia Yang 翊瑄
Article 2/6 for 1729 Writers Cohort.
With the deteriorating of the current media environment, our news feeds are filled with unverified, biased and fake news. As a result, we no longer understand what is happening around us.
2. The Higher Ed Flippening
This week, I wrote about the higher ed flippening.
The higher ed flippening is the hypothetical point in time when more people attend digital-first, alternative educational institutions than traditional, degree-centered educational institutions.
I think the flippening is a positive trend and an opportunity to provide more opportunities to all.
The Higher Ed Flippening - Grant's Writing
3. Naval
I can confidently say that learning from Naval has changed my life. It’s probably a trite comment at this point, but Naval is very thoughtful about business and life.
This recording of a Twitter Spaces is a really fun listen.
EricJorgenson.eth 📝 📚
.@naval has basically figured out all the things.

It's amazing to see any one person be so right about so much.
Thank you for reading!
Have a great weekend and talk to you next week.
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