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Grant's Newsletter (Deadline, Action, Substack)

Happy Friday!
Here are three things I’ve been thinking about this week:

1. Great Founders Write Enrollment Ends Today
Today’s the last day to enroll for the Great Founders Write Cohort!
Ben and I have some awesome plans for the cohort, and we’re getting enthusiasm from the founder community. We have 17 founders enrolled!
More info about the Great Founders Write Cohort:
The Great Founders Write Cohort is a 4-week writing cohort for entrepreneurs who want to win more customers and grow their businesses.
Learn to write persuasive copy, inspiring stories, engaging emails, and content that cuts through the noise.
Publish a new 1000-word essay every week to put your learning into action.
All with the power of a community of founders behind you.
There’s still time for you to join - sign up here.
2. Learning Through Action
When I was building MyMBA, we experimented with many ways of learning.
We watched lectures online. We hosted guest speakers. We published our writing.
From this experience, I decided to focus on writing-centric cohorts. I did this for two reasons.
First, clear writing is clear thinking. I found that helping people to write more was upstream of many other types of learning.
Second, cohorts help with accountability. And, writing is best learned by doing.
So, I’m focusing on writing-based cohorts that help people to learn more by writing more.
Paul Graham
@AkshitBordia @ycombinator This is, incidentally, also why college "entrepreneurship" classes are a waste of time.

This is something you have to learn by doing, like writing or painting or sports.
3. Substack 🏆
I published my post on publishing platforms this week.
I cover the pros and cons of Substack, Medium, Mirror, LinkedIn Articles, and creating your own website.
This was a helpful exercise for me to think through all of the platforms.
My conclusion - start writing on Substack and don’t think too much about it.
How To Choose Your Publishing Platform - Grant's Writing
Thank you for reading!
Have a great weekend and talk to you next week.
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