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Happy Friday!
Here are three things I’ve been thinking about this week:

1. Taptive May Update
I sent out a thread with Taptive “build in public” updates from May.
“Build In Public” is a popular trend with a simple objective - publicly share as many updates as possible while you build your product.
The supposed benefits: when you tell people about your progress, ups, and downs, they will be more likely to support your work. If you share what you’re working on, it will give more of an opportunity for others to get involved and support you.
I am attempting to be more open about Taptive’s progress. However, it is definitely difficult!
I'm sharing some lessons learned, wins, and updates from this month.

Taptive's build in public May update:
2. Bezos
Bezos built Amazon around a business strategy: focus on the things that don’t change.
This seems counterintuitive while building a tech company.
Shouldn’t you be looking into the future? Shouldn’t you be trying to predict what types of products people will want in 10 years?
Bezos disagrees.
When building Amazon, he focused on things that he knew people would want regardless of how the world changed. Some examples are low prices, more selection, and faster shipping.
So people today want fast shipping. And they’re going to want faster and faster shipping in 10 years… so that’s going to matter today and tomorrow. - Jeff Bezos
As I’m building Taptive, I’m focusing on two things that I believe will not change about human behavior.
First, people will want to write. People have been writing for thousands of years, and I don’t believe this fundamental desire will fade.
Second, people will want to interact with other people.
Using technology, we will help people write and help people connect with others.
Bezos Wisdom: “Focus on the things that don’t change” | by Sean Sheikh | Medium
3. Platforms
People joining our cohorts often ask - where should I write? I typically recommend Substack.
However, I’m working on a short post to share all of the platform options (with their pros and cons) so writers can choose for themselves.
I plan to start the post with a few notes:
  • Do not put too much weight on this decision. Ultimately, the most important thing is to start publishing.
  • If you are already publishing on a platform, this isn’t a case to switch. Switching from platforms probably isn’t worth your time unless you’re very unhappy with your current experience.
  • Email is king. While platforms will come and go, email is here to stay. Building email subscribers should be a priority over building followers on a platform that could lose relevance.
I need some help.

If you had to recommend a writing platform to a friend who wants to start publishing, what would you recommend and why?

Here are some of my initial thoughts on Substack, Medium, Mirror, and more:
Thank you for reading!
Have a great weekend and talk to you next week.
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